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the position of protector

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Hamar Foster points out that the Courts move from protectorship to subjecthood was inconsistent with American precedent and international law principles.
1997) an appropriate experienced professional to sponsorship, protectorship, and professional benefactorship (e.
Near the end of his Protectorship in 1657 Oliver Cromwell's appointee to reform English Law, William Sheppard, still pleaded for "one plain, complete, and methodical treatise or abridgment of the whole Common and Statute Law," in order to "make those things that are now obscure and uncertain, clear and certain" (Matthews 1984: 172-74).
through three general, yet interrelated, stages: protectorship,
8) Edward IV, on the other hand, draws explicitly on Richard III, and parodies the same line--announcing the death of King Edward and the protectorship of Richard in 2 Edward IV, Catesbie cries, "A staffe, a staffe, a thousand crownes for a staffe.
These are the ancient powers of guardianship over persons under disability and of protectorship of the public interest in charities.