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the quality of providing protection

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Richard Teverson's Victor, on the other hand, struggled to decide on his character, lurching from overbearing pomposity to weakwilled protectiveness.
I love my cat to pieces, but he has driven a wedge between me and some of my previous partners with his overbearing protectiveness.
Instead, vindictive protectiveness is teaching students to think pathologically and is poorly preparing them for professional life - frankly, for any existence beyond the protective university walls.
Fixated on the doll that she treats as a real baby, it soon becomes apparent that Rain craves a stable home life and some reliable parenting; Apple's irritation soon turns to pity and protectiveness.
She admitted to an unconditional love and a feeling of protectiveness for her family members.
Caesar can get past his suspicion of outsiders and his instinctive protectiveness toward his own people; he can feel empathy for the struggling remnant of the human race.
Kanye has shown his protectiveness for his daughter even refusing to have her appear on episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" with his wife and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.
The study is important, Shors says, because it suggests that the massive proliferation of new brain cells most likely helps young animals leave the protectiveness of their mothers and face dangers, challenges and opportunities of adulthood.
A natural protectiveness in him comes out and entwines him with the children.
Brand protectiveness is at the heart of these reactions, as it should be.
There was a greater sense of support and protectiveness between them.
Avoidant men are likely to show only hostility without any princely protectiveness," he added.
That protectiveness manifested in a September 2011 lawsuit in Pulaski County Circuit Court against three VCC staffers: Robert Bailey, former chief operating officer; W.
At some level this criticism was rooted in a hardwired view of both the protectiveness peo- ple feel towards society's vul- nerable and the barely con- cealed revulsion most of the population have towards vari- ous professions such as bank- ing, armed robbery and, alas, advertising.
The very idea sends a shiver down the American Jewish spinebut isn't it based on the very same cultural protectiveness that causes American Jewish leaders to discourage the old kind of intermarriage, with non-Jews?