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The invisibleSHIELD(TM) is a clear protective covering designed to protect the entire body of the RAZR phone from scratches and wear and tear that occur from everyday use.
The invisibleSHIELD(TM) is a protective covering that is virtually indestructible, designed to fit electronic handheld devices, including iPods, PDAs, cell phones, watch faces and more, prolonging the life span of such devices.
The high wind and wave action brought by Hurricane Rita removed or damaged approximately 11,000 feet of the rip rap protective covering.
Near-term projects anticipated at McAlester include providing protective covering for 74 earthen bunkers, construction of a new 40' by 50' dining hall, construction of parking shelters and renovation of a 1940's ammunition production facility.
ABR is usually performed to help diagnose causes of hearing loss and dizziness, and diseases, such as multiple sclerosis in which the protective covering of nerves is damaged.
House UltraDressing(R), an over-the-top protective covering designed to use less tape on the fragile skin of elder patients;
Goods and assets can easily be tracked with RFID tags, which include a computer chip and its antenna encased in a protective covering of some type depending on the application.
European surgeons who have been working with CardioWrap(TM), report that it provides a superior protective covering for the healing heart, because it has ideal handling characteristics, proven biocompatibility, predictable resorption, and it is invisible on x-ray," stated Matthew Scott, vice president of sales.
The loss of protective enamel or cementum exposes the dentine, the protective covering of the tooth nerve.
The walkways along the track and the protective covering over each turn are made with Trex Company's (NYSE: TWP) Trex(R) Wood-Polymer(TM) lumber, a wood-plastic composite that resists moisture, sunlight and insects to prevent rotting, splintering and cracking.
TheraPatch Psoriasis offers a protective covering for the affected area; it is easy to use and eliminates the inconvenience of messy creams and gels.
Green roofs: pick up and dispose of existing tile covering 150 m 2 , plastic protective coverings 45 m 2 , edging concrete parts 65 m, intensive green areas with f maintenance 50 m 2 , playground equipment and equipment.
2 : a set of clothes or protective coverings worn for a special purpose or under particular conditions <a gym suit> <a suit of armor>
Other potential areas of application are for work clothing, protective clothing for motorcyclists and cyclists, and all kinds of protective coverings.
Resultant elastomers are said to be suited to applications in harsh enviromnents, such as oil pipeline "pigs" and protective coverings on mining chutes and screens.
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