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"The mannitol allows the lidocaine to reach the nerves by opening its protective covering. It gives a better anesthetic effect," says Reader.
What is normally concealed by the skin, is, paradoxically, depicted by animal hide, normally a protective covering. In isolating and magnifying models of nature and human anatomy, Groting renders tarns parent what was impenetrable.
The plastic became brittle, burned and cracked, leaving the protective covering inadequate to contain the glass, phosphors and mercury if the lamp was ever broken.
We began layering ourselves with protective covering, contriving ourselves as figments of the public imagination, disembodying ourselves as "phone friends," withdrawing to our various Fortresses of Solitude like Supermen contemplating the properties of kryptonite.
1) flooring work to3: - cleaning of the subsoil - 910 m 2 , - pretreatment of the subsoil - 910 m 2 , - full surface filling - 910 m 2 , - cut off edge insulation strip - 620 m, - flooring rubber 2 mm, R9, Cream, Corridors - 225 m 2 , - flooring rubber 2 mm, R9, Light gray, Rooms - 575 m 2 , - flooring rubber 3.5 mm, R10 - 110 m 2 , - skirting made of wood - 585 m, - initial maintenance of coverings - 910 m 2 , - protective covering of coverings - 910 m 2 , - expansion joint profile made of stainless steel 140 m.
2,600 m2 protective covering of floors from frost cloth waterproof and breathable
Sh- Providing Protective Covering For Outdoor Units Of Split Cassette Type Air Conditioners
cushioning, protective covering and refilling the trench and termination & connection on both end etc.
I REFER to Clive Ledner's letter (30.7.11), he is not alone in thinking the protective coverings had fallen off Middlesbrough College.
Remove weeds from the bases of young trees and ensure protective coverings are in place while there is still the risk of frost.
2 : a set of clothes or protective coverings worn for a special purpose or under particular conditions <a gym suit> <a suit of armor>
Other potential areas of application are for work clothing, protective clothing for motorcyclists and cyclists, and all kinds of protective coverings. (Bayer MaterialScience AG)
Contract notice, special areas: Blank heat accumulator district heating elements and electrifying protective coverings
Resultant elastomers are said to be suited to applications in harsh enviromnents, such as oil pipeline "pigs" and protective coverings on mining chutes and screens.
Green roofs: pick up and dispose of existing tile covering 150 m 2 , plastic protective coverings 45 m 2 , edging concrete parts 65 m, intensive green areas with f maintenance 50 m 2 , playground equipment and equipment.
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