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He stressed the need to adopt the same practice of extending an overall protective cover to the transplant patients at other institutions also.
TEPCO began preparatory work to dismantle the protective cover over the Reactor 1 building in May.
This ergonomically designed, lightweight and compact self-adjusting stripping tool has a foldable protective cover for the blades.
Broad wore a plastic protective cover on his broken nose with medical tape to secure it yesterday, but will not wear it to bowl and field in.
A protective cover can be added to the MP40 to prevent accidental contact with exposed wires.
The protective cover may also pack solar panels for efficient charging and energy efficiency.
Just pop out the empty, remove the protective cover from the refill, and pop back into the jar.
A second location to look is in Aircraft General Maintenance, Protective Cover Installation Section.
The company's Smurf offerings will include versions that "talk" to children for two minutes while they brush, and Poppin' toothbrushes where the character's head serves as a protective cover over the bristles and pops up when the character's belly button is pressed.
S 4, which employs a dual-layer protective cover that combines "the clarity of
Schurter's TA35 thermal circuit breaker is now offered with an antibacterial protective cover, allowing the circuit breaker to be used in applications where it is increasingly important to protect against the spread of bacteria.
Protective Covers: DuPont(tm) Tyvek(r) brand protective covers are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a unique balance of properties that are ideal for a protective cover.
A Fuel tank exploded during welding operation to install a protective cover over the gauge, causing the injury of two people in Hammam Qenieh village in Tartous governorate.
(ADPnews) - Ocy 30, 2009 - Belgian agriculture and biotechnology products and services company Devgen NV (EBR:DEVG) said today that together with Turkish plant protection products provider Dogal AS it received approval by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture for the use of Devgen's nematicide Devguard in eggplants and peppers under protective cover.
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