protective coloration

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coloration making an organism less visible or attractive to predators

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That figure may well be too low, since many nonbelievers are reluctant to admit that their religious observance is more a civic or social duty than a religious one--more a matter of protective coloration than conviction.
Early on, Donn, the middle-class LSD-dealer, began adopting protective coloration, learning to mimic skillfully the stride of the low-riders: outward-splayed feet swung forward at the end of stiff but loose-hanging legs by a lift of the pelvis, like a cross between Pinocchio and a penguin.
Not in terms of protective coloration but in terms of mindset.
But that power grab could not have succeeded without the complicity of the media moguls on both sides of the Atlantic, who portrayed earlier manifestations of the EU as a "free trade" agreement, thereby providing protective coloration for their counterparts in the political elite.
The idea of camouflage or protective coloration is intriguing.
But given the loyalty to well-heeled special interests noted in these sketches, this protective coloration will no doubt wash off soon in showers of campaign contributions.