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Synonyms for protect

keep someone safe


Synonyms for protect

to keep safe from danger, attack, or harm

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For example, Robert Wood Johnson IV, the successor to the Johnson & Johnson dynasty, and many other high net worth individuals used foreign trusts not only to protect assets but as a tax shelter "sold" by an accounting firm that was quite aggressive.
The initial implementation capacity is based on the amount of compressed data to protect.
If your accounting software's supporting documentation states that it requires local administrator privileges or power user privileges in the Windows desktop, it is not helping you protect your desktop.
The court held that the divorce decree created a "constructive trust" to protect the interest awarded to the former spouse in the pension plan even though the divorce decree did not use the words constructive trust.
Instead of products designed to protect against the loss of an asset or contract, trade disruption insurance protects against not being able to transport a product where it needs to go because a disruption has occurred along a trade route.
New Jersey conservation officials add that municipalities that access information about big trees and then take the necessary steps to protect them will find that tree management not only enhances water quality, but also reduces the costs incurred by installing and maintaining stormwater infrastructure.
In the preface to the NRC report, Dick Thornberg, committee chair, chides school officials and others for seeking "surrogates to fulfill the responsibilities of training and supervision needed to truly protect children from inappropriate sexual materials on the Internet.
But some backcountry users say there are better ways to protect against development and still allow recreational uses.
Protect against: Hepatitis B, virus that can cause death or long-term liver problems.
The product also provides faster content scanning and enhanced centralized management of desktop anti-virus software to ensure that new viruses and malicious code threats neither enter nor leave their corporate network, protecting businesses from both costly network downtime and liability from a virus outbreak protects companies from disguised threats.
Because it rested on the plaintiff's decision not to have children, however, a strict interpretation of that ruling would not protect people whose reproductive choices are unaffected by their genetic risk factors, said Paul Miller, commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in Washington, D.
One of the more burdensome tasks confronting hospital administrators and defense counsel in hospital liability cases is attempting to protect sensitive or confidential information contained in hospital records.
Congress is taking to protect consumers and companies from identity theft but warns it is still the responsibility of all companies and individuals to proactively protect their data files.
There are many reasons to protect Microsoft Exchange.
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