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Protanopes and deuteranopes (red-green dichromats) lack, respectively, long (L) or medium (M) wavelength-sensitive cones because of genetic factors (Neitz & Neitz, 2011).
Age in Years Protanope Deuteranope Tritonope 30-40 -- -- 3 41-50 2 1 6 51-60 -- 1 5 61-70 2 2 8
The participants were divided into five groups: normals, deuteranomals, deuteranopes, protanomals, and protanopes.
Protanopes have a normal M gene, whereas deuteranopes have a normal L gene.
Dichromats lack red pigment gene and those lacking green pigment gene are known as Protanopes while those lacking blue green pigment are known as Tritanopes (4).
Protanopes (who lack the long-wavelength-sensitive red cone) have a loss of color vision as profound as that of deuteranopes.
Those with colour vision defects see the spot differently; for example protanopes usually describe it as blue or dark because their red sensitivity is reduced, and most deuteranopes cannot see the spot at all.
The classification plates are more effective for deuteranopes than protanopes, with a correct classification possible for around 90% of deuteranopes and around 80% of protanopes.