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relating to the prostate gland


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Studies of prostatic massage, 5[alpha]-reductase inhibitors, anti-inflammatory drugs, biofeedback, allopurinol, and surgery report either insufficient data or conflicting results, preventing recommendations for routine use.
Rarely, benign prostatic cells can be found in urine obtained after the prostatic massage.
Of 122 men over age 50 with elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels, 51 had prostatitis based on testing of expressed prostatic secretions or urine following prostatic massage.
This method necessitates collecting four specimens for bacterial culture: (1) the first 5-10 milliliters of my voided urine, or VB; (2) a so-called midstream sample of urine, or VB2; (3) a sampie of the expressed prostatic secretions (EPS); and (4) the first 5-10 milliliters of urine voided after prostatic massage, or VB3.
The study population represented a truly 'hard core' group of patients who had failed multiple previous therapies including antibiotics, phytotherapy, alpha blockers, neuromuscular therapies and prostatic massage," said Daniel Shoskes, MD, study principal investigator.
Routine Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) does not appear to elevate PSA levels but vigorous prostatic massage (1.