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relating to the prostate gland


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Mehik A, Leskinen MJ, Hellstrom P, Mechanisms of pain in chronic pelvic pain syndrome: influence of prostatic inflammation, World Journal of Urology, 2003, 21-2, 90-94.
The authors showed a comparable clinical benefit for phi and PCA3 score in diagnosing prostatitis versus prostate cancer; however, phi was the only determinant for prostatitis versus BPH, although both markers could not discriminate prostatic inflammation from highgrade prostate intraepithelial neoplasia.
Logistic regression analysis was performed to evaluate the effects of the known and potential risk factors for AUR, such as age, tPSA, Rt and the presence of pathological prostatic inflammation.
The patients were also compared according to the level of prostatic inflammation.
In utero exposure to antiandrogens alters the responsiveness of the prostate to p,p'-DDE in adult rats and may induce prostatic inflammation.
Jeffery Jones, NASA Johnson Space Center, will present a poster on "Association of Calcifying Nanoparticles within Serum and Prostates of Patients with Prostatic Inflammation and Hyperplasia: A Preliminary Analysis" during the Society for Infectious and Inflammatory Urology (SIIU) session, on Sunday, May 22, 2005, at 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM, in Convention Center/Room 212 B.
19) Additionally, it was reported that PE was more frequent in patients with moderate or severe prostatic inflammation than the patients with mild prostatic inflammation.
Moreover, they found that IELT improvement was greater in patients with severe prostatic inflammation (70%) than in those with mild prostatic inflammation.