prostate specific antigen

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a protein manufactured exclusively by the prostate gland


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Table 1: Descriptive statistics in levels of total prostate specific antigen (tpsa) and free prostate specific antigen (fPSA) in prostate diseases (n=100).
Prostate specific antigen versus digital rectal examination as screening for ca prostate in Sudanese patients.
7) Prostate specific antigen (PSA), a glycoprotein serine protease, was first identified by Wang et al in 1979.
Prostate specific antigen was done in 07 patients with suspicion of malignancy but its value was below 1 0 ng/dl therefore they were included in the study.
The effect of dutasteride on the usefulness of prostate specific antigen for the diagnosis of high grade and clinically relevant prostate cancer in men with a previous negative biopsy: results from the REDUCE study.
Calculation of Prostate specific antigen density: Prostate volume (length x width x anterior posterior diam-eter x 0.
INTRODUCTION: Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is a popular and time tested investigation used in diagnosis and management of prostate cancer.
Strategies combining total and percent free prostate specific antigen for detecting prostate cancer: a prospective evaluation.
Serum prostate specific antigen complexed to a 1-antichymotrypsin as an indicator of prostate cancer.
Human seminal vesicle-specific antigen is a substrate for prostate specific antigen or P-30).
Prostate specific antigen (PSA) is the premier tumor marker for screening, diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of prostate cancer.
Physicians screen men for prostate cancer risk by looking for elevated blood concentrations of a protein called prostate specific antigen, or PSA.
More than 1 million men a year undergo biopsies of the prostate gland after the widely used cancer-screening test reveals moderately elevated levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the blood.
Clinical use of prostate specific antigen in patients with prostate cancer.
Other men's health products include One-A-Day(R) Men's High Potency Multivitamin/Multimineral Supplement, One-A-Day(R) Prostate Health, and Bayer Immuno 1(TM) System Complexed Prostate Specific Antigen (cPSA) -- an assay used to measure prostate-specific antigen levels.
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