prostate cancer

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cancer of the prostate gland

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The death count alone--31,500 lives lost every year--doesn't begin to measure the anxiety, misery, and pain caused by prostate cancer.
ADT, the primary treatment for advanced prostate cancer, acts by reducing testosterone to castrate levels, effectively putting hormone sensitive prostate cancer into remission.
However, aggressive forms of prostate cancer showed up in 6.
Prostate cancer is a disease of a walnut-sized gland at the base of the spine.
Earlier results with an Onyvax prostate cancer vaccine demonstrated safety and good tolerability with no major side effects reported.
The risk of prostate cancer was a third lower in men who ate tomato-based products more than ten times a week than in men who ate them less than twice a week," explains Giovannucci.
In the trial, CB7630 was administered once daily to chemotherapy-naove patients with castration refractory prostate cancer (CRPC), who had progressive disease despite treatment with LHRH analogues and multiple other hormonal therapies including antiandrogens, diethylstilboestrol and dexamethasone.
When the volunteers joined the study between 1993 and 1997, none had prostate cancer.
Last year, Atrix licensed North American marketing rights to the Eligard prostate cancer products to Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc.
Recent studies on prostate cancer, done at the National Institute of Health, indicate that prostate cancer may run in the families of black men.
American blacks have the highest rate of prostate cancer in the world.
These data suggest that PROSTASCINT fusion imaging is emerging as an important tool to help determine patient-specific treatment regimens for prostate cancer patients.
Also, they say, the finding could suggest new ways of diagnosing or treating prostate cancer.
Though Arnot stands by his title for the breast cancer book, he says he couldn't use prevention this time because so many men already have incipient prostate cancer and it can't be prevented.
ATLANTA -- Theragenics Corporation, a medical device company serving the prostate cancer and surgical markets (NYSE: TGX), announces its return to the sport of professional bull riding to promote its prostate cancer treatment awareness campaign.