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Synonyms for prosperous

Synonyms for prosperous

improving, growing, or succeeding steadily

enjoying steady good fortune or financial security

occurring at a fitting or advantageous time

Synonyms for prosperous

in fortunate circumstances financially

very lively and profitable

marked by peace and prosperity

Related Words

presaging or likely to bring good luck

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'Quaid had envisioned a state where we could live and breathe as free men, where we could enjoy freedom from fear and want; where we could fashion their lives according to our religious and cultural values, and where the principles of State of Madina could be followed to create a just and prosperous society.'
According to ArmInfo's sources, the Prosperous Armenia MPs are silent because their leader Gagik Tsarukyan told them to
"As we celebrate the end of one year and beginning of another, let us resolve to work together towards building a strong, united and prosperous India," he said.
We must shut down the arms trafficking, fight the terrible scourge of HIV/AIDS, and help Africa enter the world of open trade that promises peaceful and prosperous days.
But its effects have been particularly obvious in cultures and economies which have become prosperous rapidly.
Instead, conservatives function as shills for big business and, as if America weren't already the most prosperous country on Earth, "growth"--a perpetual frenzy of economic development designed to make life ever more expensive and transform people into slaves of consumption.
'Let us make a firm resolve today to make all-out efforts to achieve the objectives of creation of Pakistan and also to make Pakistan a strong and a prosperous democratic country where will of the people, equality, justice and brotherhood reign supreme' he added.
"Azerbaijan is more prosperous and connected to the global economy than at any time in its history," he said.
Islamabad -- Advisor to Prime Minister for information and broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that time is not far when country's economy will get stronger and people will become prosperous.
News Desk Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday urged all to work together to maintain the current pace of development to turn Bangladesh into a prosperous country.
New MPT president Borhan Abdul Halim said the campaign was part of the council's efforts to ensure the town stays clean, sustainable and prosperous.
He had said the country would be prosperous, if the business community would be prosperous.