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Synonyms for prospectus

Synonyms for prospectus

a document, such as a list or an outline, that gives, for example, the order of events in a public performance or the chief features of a stock offering

Synonyms for prospectus

a formal written offer to sell securities (filed with the SEC) that sets forth a plan for a (proposed) business enterprise

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a catalog listing the courses offered by a college or university

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Also, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority has approved and registered the updated prospectus.
Sharing his opinion, an official of the UAF (agri varsity) said the university had abandoned the practice of prospectus printing to save millions of rupees and also lessen the financial burden on the parents.
After detailed discussions by the participants, the decisions were made to facilitate newly coming students more and in better way through the prospectus which is a legal document of the university and it must be self explanatory.
Director Public Relations Prof Abdul Qudoos Sohaib said that giving up conventional method of admissions through prospectus is a revolutionary step which would take the varsity on step further in its drive to automation.
This subscription is the first in the Omani market after the adoption of the sukuk prospectus that seek to regulate the sukuk market in order to achieve effective protection of the involved parties, and the prospectus was flexible enough to attract the owners of investment initiatives of importers, the owners of domestic and foreign capital and using them in different investment sectors.
Last year, Abu Dhabi posted a budget deficit of Dhs 32.4bn, or 3.9 per cent of its gross domestic product, the government said in the prospectus, which was filed on the London Stock Exchange.
has filed a shelf registration statement (including a base prospectus) and a preliminary prospectus supplement relating to this offering with the SEC.
Buddy Donohue, the SEC's former Investment Management director who rejoined the agency in June as SEC Chairwoman Mary Jo White's chief of staff, "has publicly supported a variable annuity summary prospectus rule in the past, and we believe he will continue to," said Lee Covington, senior vice president and general counsel for the Insured Retirement Institute.
The interactive prospectus includes video and image galleries, and if the tablet device has a wi-fi or 3G connection, users can also click on the live weblinks that allow them to access more information.
The Company has filed a prospectus supplement, dated September 24, 2013, with respect to its U.S.
has received approval in Sweden of its prospectus related to its recommended offer to acquire all outstanding shares and warrants (warrants series 2005-I and 2005-II) issued by Isconova AB (the "Offer"), which was first communicated on June 4, 2013.
Specialist pharmaceutical company Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc (NYSE:VRX)(TSX:VRX) revealed on Friday that it has filed a preliminary base shelf prospectus in Canada to offer and issue common shares for an aggregate offering price of up to USD3.0bn.
Though no target date has been set, the SEC appears to be inching closer to formulating rules for a summary prospectus for variable annuities.
HEREWARD College in Coventry has taken its prospectus to another level by creating an online, interactive magazine.
TYNESIDE designers are in line for a prestigious award for their work on a college prospectus.