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Synonyms for prospective

Synonyms for prospective

based on probability or presumption

Antonyms for prospective

of or concerned with or related to the future

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A nationwide prospective surveillance study in Israel to document paediatric invasive infections, with an emphasis on Haemophilus influenzae type b infections.
During the prospective surveillance period (median follow-up of 9.
If public health decisions are to be made on the basis of prospective surveillance, these systems must be improved to reflect real-time or near real-time reporting and analysis.
In response to outbreaks of H5N1, prospective surveillance programs have been established in affected southeastern Asian countries.
Prospective surveillance was conducted for influenza, with an emphasis on diagnosis, treatment, and prevention, during the 2002 Winter Olympics/Paralympic Games.
We defined the positive predictive value of routine prospective surveillance to be 100%.
Prospective surveillance for MRSA in Minnesota at 12 sentinel hospitals (6 in metropolitan areas and 6 in rural areas) indicated that community-associated MRSA patients were significantly younger than healthcare-associated MRSA patients and more likely to have skin and soft tissue infections than respiratory or urinary tract infections.
The question arises regarding whether to include clinical sepsis in surveillance of BSI, considering the amount of work generated by on-site prospective surveillance, compared to laboratory-based surveillance.
For early detection of localized clusters of dead birds, we used a prospective surveillance system that is based on the spatial scan statistic (9).
After the death of the index patient on November 21, ongoing statewide surveillance for bioterrorism-related disease was expanded to meet two objectives': 1) conduct retrospective surveillance to identify any previously undetected cases of anthrax since September 1,2001, that might provide clues to the source of exposure and to assess the possibility of intentional environmental release of Bacillus anthracis and 2) conduct prospective surveillance to detect early cases of anthrax that might occur and ensure rapid detection and treatment.
The site-specific sensitivity (SD) of our prospective surveillance for detecting unexplained deaths ranged from 38% in California to 100% in both Connecticut and Minnesota.
In 2000, prospective surveillance was established, including monitoring bird deaths, testing dead crows, trapping and testing mosquitoes, testing horses and hospitalized humans with neurologic illness, and conducting a human seroprevalence survey.
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