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Synonyms for prospect

Synonyms for prospect

something expected

the likeliness of a given event occurring

chance of success or advancement

that which is or can be seen

Synonyms for prospect

the possibility of future success

belief about (or mental picture of) the future

someone who is considered for something (for an office or prize or honor etc

a prediction of the course of a disease

search for something desirable

Related Words

explore for useful or valuable things or substances, such as minerals

References in classic literature ?
Fanny wrote to offer herself; and her mother's answer, though short, was so kind--a few simple lines expressed so natural and motherly a joy in the prospect of seeing her child again, as to confirm all the daughter's views of happiness in being with her--convincing her that she should now find a warm and affectionate friend in the "mama" who had certainly shewn no remarkable fondness for her formerly; but this she could easily suppose to have been her own fault or her own fancy.
This gloomy prospect of the confusion that would ensue on her decease was very affecting to Mrs.
Going into service" was the expression by which the Dodson mind represented to itself the position of teacher or governess; and Maggie's return to that menial condition, now circumstances offered her more eligible prospects, was likely to be a sore point with all her relatives, besides Lucy.
Every prospect can be categorized by their current progress through the Seven 'I's.
According to TGP President Jeff Palow, "We start with a series of mailed communications to make the prospect familiar with our CPA firm client.
Nothing in life is more serious than separating a prospect from his or her money.
I don't think anybody's going to sell their vote for $99,'' the minimum donation he solicited in the letter, said Ledford, noting that Dispenza owns vacant land across the street from Antelope Valley Hospital's Palmdale clinic site, the competitor to the Prospect Medical plan.
The survey was designed to reveal when prospective customers plan to move, whether or not they are currently working with real estate or mortgage professionals, and if prospects are shopping locally or globally.
This gives your sales staff an immediate reason to follow up with the prospect.
Even if the prospect has both the envelope and the letter in hand, there's a certain rhythm in reading once again the teaser that got him to open the envelope.
Antelope Valley Hospital's offer was contained in letters sent about two weeks ago to Prospect and the city of Palmdale.
The prospect comes over and the landlord shows the apartment, all the while telling the prospect how wonderful the apartment is.
This is when the CPA and team (and the sales pro) meet with the prospect.
After defining your geographic marketing area, the next step will be to build an SIC universe, or list of SIC Codes that you believe represents your best potential prospect industries in the states you've decided to cover.
During fiscal 2006, five wells were drilled on the company's 5,760 gross acre Glacier Prospect located in Harper and Woodward Counties, Oklahoma.