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Nevertheless, it is an overstatement, as I observe, to claim that "if research into semantic prosodies were allowed free rein to refute Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), very little of SF thinking would continue to appear as firm as it is often made to look" (41).
Corpus Stylistics as Contextual Prosodie Theory and Subtext.
Under these circumstances, Bill Louw and Marija Milojkovic's Corpus Stylistics as Contextual Prosodie Theory and Subtext is instructive and worthy of reading, for it offers valuable perspectives for interdisciplinary investigations.
The advent of different corpora thus makes it possible for researchers to extract profiles of semantic prosodies.
In recent years extensive corpus-based research has been conducted on semantic prosodies of lexical items in the English language.
Researchers have also examined semantic prosodies cross-linguistically (Sardinha, 2000; Tognini-Bonelli, 2001; Xiao & McEnery, 2006).
Eleanor Berry reviews earlier attempts at classifying free verse and suggests a multidimensional, five-axes "mapping tool" to help navigate the tremendous diversity of free verse prosodies, but even that classification does not exhaust free verse's rhythmics.
Donald Wesling, for example, highlights the mutual "scissoring" between grammar and meter, but as the metrical rank includes the line, the stanza, and the entire poem, there is room for nonmetrical poems to participate in this dynamic (Wesling offers the term "grammeasures" as an equivalent to "grammetrics," for nonmetrical prosodies [78-79]).