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a new convert

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We fight for the freedom of the majority of Muslims who do not identify with this proselyte minority who manipulate their religion.
Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui inquired if any one who becomes proselyte remains follower (Ummati).
for you compass sea and land to make one proselyte," there must have been a Jewish mission to the gentiles.
ISLAMABAD -- Justice Jawad S Khawaja has remarked faith is not such a weak thing that any person becomes proselyte easily.
After all, the locus classicus for the Jewish legal stance on conversion, found in BT Yevamot 47a, states that the would-be proselyte is only to be taught "miktzat mitzvot kalot v'hamurot--some of the minor and some of the major commandments.
Then, those missionaries also had to advance southward of the country to proselyte the pagans, yet again, facing adversities and uncertainties of their missions.
33) Thus the apparent contradiction between Suetonius and Dio can be overcome by recognising the different approaches that would, quite naturally, be taken to a proselyte based on where in Roman society they were situated.
Others, in contrast, are so ethnicity-specific as to preclude all but the most avid would-be proselyte from joining.
The area is known as "the Proselyte Reef Complex," which is home to many of the island's marine life including whales and dolphins along with sharks, sea turtles and fish;
In that they cross land and sea to make unto themselves one proselyte, swallow a camel and strain at a gnat, it will be interesting to discover how this time Cameron will argue that he has again been misinterpreted especially when all his rhetorical skills will be fully employed in convincing us he is not breaking up the NHS for profit.
It provides the Christian with what might be said in a future encounter, one in which the Christian would use Hebrew Scripture to convince the proselyte that Christ fulfilled the prophecies of the Bible and ought to be accorded the status of the One who was to come.
cn/en), part of the worldwide Olympic movement and governed by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) is sending more than 500 delegations around the globe to proselyte the message of "Thrilling Games Harmonious Asia" and the vision of the 2010 Games in Guangzhou.
Then he turns to authorities in search of a doctrine, and there finds traction in such topics as the early Mormon cases, the right to proselyte, the school bus case, never on Sunday, and the notary's oath.
In other words, he seeks to treat his proselyte in a way that he would not want to be treated himself.