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matter of fact, commonplace, or dull expression

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What I especially appreciated about Marjorie's essay is how she turns that fact around on itself and shows how important is the visual arrangement of proselike works such as Rosmarie Waldrop's and your own.
When he philosophizes, he does so with an energetic, proselike discursiveness, his complex themes leavened by American speech rhythms.
Pound was interested in these short, concise, proselike poems, and published some of them in Des Imagistes (1914).
Despite the polyphonic effect thus produced, which approximates that of poetry, it has often been made the vehicle of proselike exposition and argumentation.
This sonnet opens with a simple proselike statement: "Nothing is so beautiful as spring," but the poem has a tripping rhythm from the multiple unstressed syllables.
The first section of the book, for example, develops a new kind of line: lengthy, proselike in its rhythms and set off in a stanza by itself.
Or to stay closer to the music, Ashbery's combination of rhetorical but unpoetic, multisyllabic words, such as "emblematic," "encapsulizes," and "Stellification," with proselike, monosyllabic expressions, such as "Then one day," "But why not?