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  • verb

Synonyms for prosecute

take someone to court


  • take someone to court
  • try
  • sue
  • summon
  • indict
  • do
  • arraign
  • seek redress
  • put someone on trial
  • litigate
  • bring suit against
  • bring someone to trial
  • put someone in the dock
  • bring action against
  • prefer charges against

Synonyms for prosecute

to institute or subject to legal proceedings

to begin and carry through to completion

Synonyms for prosecute

conduct a prosecution in a court of law

Related Words

bring a criminal action against (in a trial)

carry out or participate in an activity

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Justice Samuel Alito wrote in his majority opinion that 170 years of precedent supports the idea that "a state may prosecute a defendant under state law even if the federal government has prosecuted him for the same conduct under a federal statute."
'We are trying to tie up the issues in order to get the man prosecuted.
DWP And though the total in 2017 was less than both 2015 and 2016, a staggering 46 individuals were prosecuted in the last year alone.
We believe that this individual should be prosecuted. The Pakistani government released him from house arrest not that long ago.
Five businesses in Stockton were prosecuted for breaching food hygiene laws, and two in Middlesbrough.
As a rule, it does not prosecute non-state actors like ISIS members for specific acts of genocide, although it technically has the ability to do so. Human rights lawyers have ( said publicly that most of ISIS' crimes could be prosecuted through various countries' domestic legal systems instead of being referred to the ICC. 
NNA - Government Commissioner to the Military Court, Judge Sakr Sakr, prosecuted on Wednesday against nine persons for belonging to the terrorist organization "Daesh", National News Agency correspondent reported .
MORE than 3,000 people in South Wales have been prosecuted for crimes against women and girls in the last year, figures from the Crown Prosecution Service have revealed.
However, this has presented many challenges for the Palestinian Authority as many crimes are committed and the offenders are not prosecuted which encourages them to continue their crimes, often related to the drug trade and even murder.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- As Cihan News Agency we Not only journalist prosecuted but Turkish democracy, says Suna Vidinli made an interview with Harvard graduated Suna Vidinli, who one of the journalists fired from his job from Turkish TV channel said, today is not only journalists are being prosecuted but Turkish democracy is being prosecuted.
Martin Rogers, of Haywood Avenue, Marsh, was prosecuted for failing to comply with a notice which was issued on November 12, by playing amplified music on November 16.
DESPITE continuous crackdown by the Delhi Traffic police on drunken driving, more than 500 motorists were prosecuted for the offence on the eve of New Year in the National Capital.
He refused to sentence Meredith until he had received answers about why she had not been prosecuted for taking more cash.
Disability campaigners have demanded that a blue badge cheat politician be prosecuted.
Figures released by the former MP show some 28,000 cases of domestic abuse in the most recent annual figures, but only 3,000 people were prosecuted - leading to just 2,264 convictions.