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  • verb

Synonyms for prosecute

take someone to court


  • take someone to court
  • try
  • sue
  • summon
  • indict
  • do
  • arraign
  • seek redress
  • put someone on trial
  • litigate
  • bring suit against
  • bring someone to trial
  • put someone in the dock
  • bring action against
  • prefer charges against

Synonyms for prosecute

to institute or subject to legal proceedings

to begin and carry through to completion

Synonyms for prosecute

conduct a prosecution in a court of law

Related Words

bring a criminal action against (in a trial)

carry out or participate in an activity

References in classic literature ?
I am paid by the People to prosecute, and prosecute I will.
The CBI, however, stuck to its position that there were enough grounds to prosecute him.
The police cannot prosecute speeding without camera evidence.
To make the perfect case, after the United States passes a law so that it could not prosecute its president, other high officials, or anyone else for war crimes (a law like the Military Commissions Act of 2006, passed recently by our Congress, would work nicely), the ICC needs a U.
If you thought it was dangerous, would you prosecute it as dangerous driving?
Just as multiple factors are considered when deciding to prosecute, so are multiple factors considered in deciding which statute to prosecute.
Tell us about some of the high-profile cases you've helped prosecute.
Specifically, it analyzes the New York City Committee of Fourteen's 1920s campaign to expand the use of vagrancy statutes to prosecute male customers of female prostitutes.
A JUDGE slammed failure to prosecute a man who plunged a boy of eight into a scalding bath.
Bobb wrote that District Attorney Steve Cooley declines to prosecute nearly 80 percent of cases submitted by the sheriff's Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau.
For example, Mecklenburg County has limited prosecutor resources; 5 out of approximately 40 assistant district attorneys prosecute murders.
Federal prosecutors may decide to prosecute only those defendants whose convictions will bring political rewards.
Despite concerns about human rights violations by groups acting as extralegal law enforcement outfits, local authorities have failed to prosecute any of the ranchers.
How many states have made it easier to prosecute teens as adults or reduced their confidentiality protection?
We are going to prosecute absent owners for aiding and abetting.