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Imagine a book of hours condensed into a book of minutes: That is the modest project of these dense, lyrical, oneiric, personal yet impersonal, prose poems.
Gathering the three hundred prose poems I have written into three groups seems right to me.
A single-line epigraph near the end of "Book Three: Romance," "It would be absurd to mistake patience for dispassion," gestures in the direction of the prose poems in "Book One: The Moonstone," teasing their titles-"Disguise," "Decorum," "Surface," "Blame"--into greater suggestiveness, the titles appearing as demure nods toward the many small mysteries surrounding human emotion and action, the everyday mysteries flowering from intention misidentified.
This was Baudelaire's question around 1855, and his answer was the prose poems of Paris Spleen: "Supple enough and rugged enough to adapt itself to the lyrical impulses of the soul," as he put it to his editor.
Although critics discuss the prose poem as puzzle most often in analyzing "H" and "Parade," many have observed phonetic patterns resembling verbal play throughout the Illuminations.
The author does recognize the dangers of this pursuit of analogies with the visual arts but justifies the risk as an endeavour to capture what Andre Guyaux has described as the non-closure of the Rimbaldian prose poem and as 'une performance d'inachevement' (Poetique du fragment: essai sur les Illuminations de Rimbaud (Neuchatel: A la Baconniere, 1985), p.
Academician, writer, literary editor, and an award winning poet, Lee Passarella is a master of the prose poem and able to create word images that impact on both the imagination and the emotions of his reader.
We particularly liked the essay on Czeslaw Milosz's poem "To" by Jaroslaw Klejnocki; Mark Pawlak's "Treblinka" (translated from German by Janusz Zalewski), a prose poem that is the best brief rendition of the Holocaust in memory; Karol Maliszewski's poetry; Rafal Rzany's text and photographs; Stefan Miskiewicz's short story about incest .
You may remember the company's namesake, Charles Baudelaire, as the probably queer, opium-addicted, 19th-century Parisian nihilist who invented the prose poem, tirelessly advocated for anti-establishment painters and translated Poe for French audiences before being excoriated for blasphemous and indecent writing and dying of syphilis in 1841.
CURRENTLY READING: Elizabeth Bowen's Death of the heart, Harvey Daniels' Literature circles, Rushworth Kidder's How good people make tough choices and a variety of young adult prose poem books.
This prose poem exploits the language employed by bureaucracies and corporations to issue disclaimers and self-serving (i.
An anthology of high-voltage prose might include Chapter 16, "Mendeleev's Garden," a prose poem to the periodic table with its octaves and triads, its complementarities and elective affinities, as beautiful as a page of Bach and as mystical as Swedenborg.
It tenaciously examines a communication at once duplicitous in its opportunism and multi-layered in its function: 'It is, in other words, a prose poem on the prose poem which provides a commentary on the title and the dedicatory act and, in form and function, speaks of genre' (p.
An accompanying "autobiographical" prose poem, ostensibly written by Culkin, reveals him to be a far weirder cat than the images allow.
3) Additionally, because it constantly defeats expectations associated with both poetry and prose, the prose poem has been seen as a gesture at liberation, as a demand that poetry include "previously marginalized" voices and manners of speech (Monroe 20), and, thus, as a "particularly apt vehicle for transcriptions of the experience of modernity" (Murphy 11).