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Synonyms for prosaic

Synonyms for prosaic

Synonyms for prosaic

not fanciful or imaginative

Related Words

lacking wit or imagination

not challenging

References in classic literature ?
It is to be a cold, prosaic, matter-of-fact business proposition.
I 'm ready for it when it comes, but it can't be forced, you know," and Polly blushed and smiled as if some little spice of that delightful thing had stolen into her life, for all its prosaic seeming.
We had dined together at the club, had come home in a cab and--in short, everything had been done in the most prosaic way; and why John Bartine should break in upon the natural and established order of things to make himself spectacular with a display of emotion, apparently for his own entertainment, I could nowise understand.
In a few minutes the contents of that letter graced the expanse usually sacred to more prosaic compositions.
Romance, adventure, strange peoples, fearsome beasts--all the excitement and scurry of the lives of the twentieth century ancients that have been denied us in these dull days of peace and prosaic prosperity--all, all lay beyond thirty, the invisible barrier between the stupid, commercial present and the carefree, barbarous past.
He eats some of My cake," said the prosaic Lady Lundie.
What could be more hopelessly prosaic and material?
Lawrence Gulf, on which floats, like a jewel, Abegweit, whose softer, sweeter Indian name has long been forsaken for the more prosaic one of Prince Edward Island.
In speaking thus, Michel made his prosaic companions shrug their shoulders.
In particular, many efforts were made to give prolonged poetical treatment to many subjects essentially prosaic, for example to systems of theological or scientific thought, or to the geography of all England.
He sees me suffering under the condescending attentions and prosaic discourses of the one, and the repulsive obtrusions of the other, without so much as a shadow of commiseration for me, or resentment against my tormentors.
He had lived on the rural skirt of Hampstead in a handsome house, high but not broad, a modern and prosaic tower.
They reject life as prosaic, and create a death which they call poetic.
Surely it will be allowed that none could be more proper than the present, where we are about to introduce a considerable character on the scene; no less, indeed, than the heroine of this heroic, historical, prosaic poem.
The second method, pursued by Martin, may be called the dogged or prosaic method.