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adjourn by royal prerogative

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Partisan-Motivated Prorogation and the Westminster Model: A Comparative Perspective.
It should be noted the "past constitutional practice" argument seems to be based on prorogations that were the subject of some debate.
A recent edited collection by Smith & Jackson (1) presents two divergent views on the constitutional role of the Governor General during 2008 prorogation.
La decision de la gouverneure generale Michaelle Jean d'accorder la prorogation demandee par le premier ministre Harper en 2008 et 2009 a donne lieu a de nombreux debats, parmi les personnes interessees au parlementarisme, sur le pouvoir discretionnaire d'un gouverneur general de rejeter la recommandation d'un premier ministre.
Appliquons maintenant la theorie generale au cas de la prorogation.
By contrast, few expressed the same concern about the 2008 prorogation, although the outcome of the governor general's decision at that time was far more significant.
By relying upon existing treatments and past analyses, I unpack notions of responsible government and demonstrate how the prime minister's prorogation request represented the culmination of a pattern of parliamentary disregard, relied on the manipulation of nationalistic tensions, and had the effect of up-ending core principles of responsible government based on an unexplored and untested theory of an unitary executive.
If our premiers and prime ministers knew that legislatures would rebuke them for abusing Parliament, we would not have to worry about rogue prorogations.
That year, only the constitutional requirement that Parliament must meet at least once every twelve months put an end to the prorogation.
Only once before in Canadian history had a Prime Minister asked for prorogation in an effort to avoid facing humiliation as a result of a Commons vote.
The decision of Governor General Michaelle Jean to grant prorogation when requested by Prime Minister Harper in 2008 and 2009 led to considerable debate among students of Parliament as to the discretionary power of a governor general to reject advice of a prime minister.
Les auteurs concluent que c'est la prorogation Macdonald-Dufferin de 1873 qui a un rapport direct avec la prorogation Harper-Jean de 2008 et non l'affaire King-Byng de 1926, frequemment citee.
This paper examines the often-ignored prorogation of 1873, the evolution of the governor general's reserve power over time, and the fundamental differences between dissolution and prorogation.
En depit des prorogations survenues recemment, le Parlement a prefere ne pas legiferer sur les prerogatives de la Couronne, choisissant plutot, le 17 mars 2010, d'adopter une motion non contraignante prevoyant que le premier ministre ne << recommande >> (advise en anglais) pas au gouverneur general de proroger la session d'une legislature de plus de sept jours sans une motion de la Chambre en ce sens.
The government argued in this instance that prorogation was necessary to reset the legislative agenda, in general, and Senate committee membership, in particular, since recent retirements had shifted the balance of party membership in the Upper Chamber.