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discontinuation of the meeting (of a legislative body) without dissolving it

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Deputy Speaker read prorogation orders of President of Pakistan after sensing that the quorum was not complete.
Le Comite permanent de l'Assemblee legislative a ete charge d'examiner le projet de loi 64, Loi sur le ministere de la Formation et des Colleges et Universites et la Loi de 2000 sur les normes d'emploi, qui a ete retabli au Feuilleton et Feuilleton des avis a la meme etape oo il etait rendu au moment de la prorogation.
Based on the identification of four schools of thought on the 2008 prorogation in Canada, (6) it is necessary to first address whether the Governor General has a role when a Prime Minister makes a prorogation request while also facing a vote of no confidence in the House.
Harper and company have proven very effective in making political problems go away over the past seven years through a variety of means: prorogation, party-funded advertising campaigns, smear campaigns against political opponents, breaking their own fixed election date law and more.
Le ministre espagnol en charge de la peche, Miguel Arias Canete, a reitere, dans diverses occasions, [beaucoup moins que]la grande importance[beaucoup plus grand que] qu'accorde le gouvernement de son pays a la prorogation de l'accord de peche unissant le Maroc et l'UE, rappelle la meme source.
Les pecheurs de la localite de Barbate (sud de l'Espagne), les plus affectes par le non renouvellement en 2011 de l'accord de peche Maroc-UE, ont demande, mercredi, a l'eurodepute espagnol, Willy Meyer, du parti de la Gauche Unie, des explications sur son vote au Parlement europeen contre la prorogation dudit accord.
Topics include structure and organization of the court system, election of judges and their status, offices of public prosecutor and public defender, subject matter jurisdiction, territorial jurisdiction criteria, resolution of jurisdiction conflicts, and prorogation, delegation, and the ordination of territorial jurisdiction.
These decrees regard the particular status of the economic inspectors' corps, the compensation system, the equivalence of the corps' grades and the prorogation of terms of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry members.
En effet, c'est cette annee que nous soumettrons des clauses de prorogation en vue de repondre aux exigences de la nouvelle Loi canadienne sur les organisations a but non lucratif (LCOBNL).
The Cabinet also recommended prorogation of the Budget Session of the Assembly.
Le Conseil supreme des forces armees (CSFA) se charge de toutes les affaires des Forces armees, la nomination de leurs dirigeants et la prorogation de leurs services.
Such a scenario unfolded with the prorogation crisis of December 2008.
Presented here are excerpts taken from the Manual relating to the conventions and protocols governing the formation of governments, the uses of prorogation and dissolution, and the principle of restraint (often referred to as the "caretaker convention").
By contrast, few expressed the same concern about the 2008 prorogation, although the outcome of the governor general's decision at that time was far more significant.
In a charged atmosphere where members were demanding to be allowed to speak, acting chairman Jan Jamali rescued the government by abruptly reading the prorogation order to avoid a potential clash between component parties in the ruling coalition.