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discontinuation of the meeting (of a legislative body) without dissolving it

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He said: "In my view the advice given in relation to the prorogation decision is a matter involving high policy and political judgement.
He said: "I do not accept the submission that the prorogation contravenes the rule of law.
If Ms Truss continues to reject the invitation and the prorogation takes place as proposed, it is understood the committee would have two weeks left to scrutinise ahead of the Brexit deadline.
Mr Kerr's defence of prorogation would be more convincing if his own position had not been in constant flux.
vital our is heard concurrently The campaigner, whose son Raymond McCord Jnr was murdered by loyalists in 1997, had initially sought a discrete interim relief hearing to challenge the prorogation of Parliament.
Independent MP, David Gauke (South West Hertfordshire), asked about next week's prorogation of Parliament.
Litigation expert Jim Cormack QC, a partner at law firm Pinsent Masons, said: "Lord Doherty has refused the petition primarily on the basis that the issues raised by the prorogation of Parliament are quintessentially non-justiciable because they involve matters of high policy and political judgment.
Lord Doherty revealed his decision that the prorogation was lawful this morning.
Speaking outside the court on Friday, SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC -- one of the campaigners behind the legal action -- urged the prime minister to "tell the truth, have the courage of your convictions -- swear on oath your reason for prorogation".
By its very existence today prorogation has become a future tool of government, granting the over-riding of Parliamentary process a legitimacy it never had before.
And Health Secretary Matt Hancock insisted yesterday that the idea that Parliament will be shut down is "just not true", despite making an impassioned argument against prorogation earlier this year.
Not a word about the prorogation - not one syllable on the most extraordinary political event for hundreds of years.
Tullow n'a pas ete en mesure d'obtenir une nouvelle prorogation des contrats de vente et d'achat conclus avec ses partenaires de la coentreprise, bien que des prorogations anterieures des contrats de vente a forfait aient ete acceptees par l'ensemble des parties.
Critics have claimed prorogation is intended to hamper cross-party efforts to block a no-deal withdrawal from the European Union - an allegation denied by Mr Johnson, who has insisted it is to allow for a Queen's Speech to set out his agenda.
Summary: London [UK], Aug 31 (ANI): Scores of people in London on Saturday held protests against the UK Parliament's prorogation.