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the proportional limitation of production or distribution of something (e

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The amount of stock and cash is subject to proration for total stock and cash mix of 60% and 40%, respectively.
The final proration factor of approximately 10.3721% was applied to all other shares of CBS Class B common stock that were validly tendered and not validly withdrawn to determine the number of such shares that were accepted from each tendering shareholder.
Life insurers now use a complicated formula to calculate the proration rate for each account.
After applying the proration factor and adjusting for fractional shares in accordance with the terms of the tender offer, the Company has accepted 312,500 shares of its common stock at a purchase price of USD9.60 per share, net to the seller in cash, less any applicable withholding taxes and without interest, for an aggregate purchase price of approximately USD3.0 million.
The number of Shares expected to be purchased in the tender offer, the purchase price and the proration factor referred to above are preliminary and subject to change.
"This is an extreme magnitude," Cowles said of the Swanson proration.
I begin with a demonstration that an efficient reward structure requires strict proration of articles so that the shares of rewards to coauthors sum to the reward that would be provided to a single-authored paper.
Unfortunately, the term "for cause" is not defined in the law so there is lack of clarity about what would constitute "for cause" to justify the proration of the final pay to a daily basis.
According to the terms of the contract, former Minefinders shareholders who elected the full proration option, received CAD1.84 and 0.55 of a Pan American share in respect of each of their Minefinders shares.
PRA features automated proration handling for ACH and has the ability to issue invoices in Canadian dollars.
If they decided not to access the fund, Scott would distribute what's left of state money through what's called proration, which would proportionally allocate funding according to districts' statewide property value, with the idea that the state would pay back its share during the next budget cycle.
Ethel Hall Pens Inspirational Biography; (3) ACCESS Featured on CNN/Fox News; (4) Red Ribbon Week October 23rd-31st Helps Students Prevent Drug Abuse; (5) October is Parent Involvement Month; (6) Alabama Leads Nation in AP Test Score Improvement; (7) Governor Increases Proration by 2% to Balance State Budget; (8) Teachers Invited to 3rd Annual Teachers' Institute; and (9) Help Students Get Fire Safety Smart!
Riley told lawmakers they were trying to get around the state proration law, which says appropriations must be cut across-the-board if revenues fall below projections.
ATMOS GSIM is deployed as the simulation engine in pipeline operator training simulation systems and is used in ATMOS GMS, a business-rule-oriented system for nominations, allocation, proration and imbalance accounting.
Tribune will apply the proration factor to all share stakes tendered except for "odd lots," lots held by owners of fewer than 100 shares.