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Synonyms for sensibility

Synonyms for sensibility

the capacity for or an act of responding to a stimulus

the quality or condition of being emotionally and intuitively sensitive

Synonyms for sensibility

mental responsiveness and awareness

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refined sensitivity to pleasurable or painful impressions

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After the initial evaluation of the control group, 2 patients had serious disturbances, 4 of them had mild disturbances and 4 patients had minimum disturbances of proprioceptive sensibility.
* Evaluation of the proprioceptive sensibility and increasing the awareness of the affected hemibody according to the Placing test shows improvement during the study.
Reflex response time, a neurophysiological construct, reflecting the time between the onset of a stimulus and its muscular response, has been applied in several studies of ankle injured and non-injured subjects as an objective indicator of proprioceptive sensibility (Beckman and Buchanan 1995, Brunt et al 1992, Ebig et al 1997, Fernandes et al 2000, Isakov et al 1986, Johnson and Johnson 1993, Karlsson and Andreasson 1992, Konradsen and Ravn 1991, Konradsen et al 1997, Larsen and Lund, 1991, Nawoczenski et al 1985).
The present experiment deals with a territory within proprioceptive sensibility, kinaesthetic sense at the ankle, which accounts for static and dynamic foot position awareness, essential to understanding the effect of foot-ground interactions and footwear on stability.