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Synonyms for propriety

Synonyms for propriety

conformity to recognized standards, as of conduct or appearance

the moral quality of a course of action

socially correct behavior

a courteous act or courteous acts that contribute to smoothness and ease in dealings and social relationships

Synonyms for propriety

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Ang pino-point out ko lang dito ang issue ng double standard at saka ang tinatawag nating propriety. Nag-courtesy resignation ang members ng board.
However, when Mr Ouko's team visited the site on November 19 last year, it learnt that the project had just started whereas the supervising engineer's report had indicated that excavation was complete."Under the circumstances, it was not possible to confirm the propriety of S6,162,130 spent on construction of Mwakalanga dam for the year ended June 2018," the report said.
The Chief Minister said that the government after ensuring the propriety rights to the local community will go for making a proper decision for the construction of park at Kumrat.
'Your presence before this Commission is thus required to shed light on the legality and propriety of said collection of sensitive personal information,' the order read.
After hearing public comments, the high court will consider whether to adopt the proposed amendments of MCR .1 and .111 to explicitly provide that corrective action may be taken by the State Court Administrator, under the Supreme Courts direction, against a judge whose actions raise the question of the propriety of the judges continued service and explicitly allow a chief judge to order a judge to undergo an independent medical examination in limited circumstances.
New Delhi: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday described the outgoing President Pranab Mukherjee a guardian of the Constitution who always upheld its propriety. "Pranabda exhibited a unique charm which won him many admirers.
Effective from 7 March 2016, the rules issued in Appendix One cover the scope of the PRA's SMR; allocation of Prescribed Responsibilities to Senior Managers; scope of the PRA's Certification Regime; and assessment of fitness and propriety of Senior Managers and certified employees.
" If you consider the conflict of interest he is in as one of his family members is alleged of wrongdoing, then propriety demands that he step aside.
1, 2014, is aimed at demonstrating integrity and propriety when it comes to related-party transactions.
Based on fieldwork conducted in the southern Yemeni city of Aden between 1988 and 2001, this study by Dahlgren (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, Finland) examines the role of morality and propriety in regulating societal, gender, and family relations historically in the public sphere and in everyday practice and discourse.
"With his professional position, Prosecutor Yanev has shown that when looked at through the prism of common values, law and morality can be in harmony with each other, which harmony lies in the foundations of the Orthodox understanding of a legal order based on faith in Christ and the norms of public propriety and order confessed by Christians," reads the official statement of the Plovdiv Bishopric.
Yechury said the statement of the Railway Minister in Lalgarh where she described a Maoist leader's killing as murder was a negation of the constitutional propriety.
Similarly, a teacher is an architect of etiquette and propriety in a child.