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Synonyms for proprietorship

the fact of possessing or the legal right to possess something

Synonyms for proprietorship

an unincorporated business owned by a single person who is responsible for its liabilities and entitled to its profits


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He let himself in and let himself out with the assurance of calm proprietorship; and accident so far favoured him that, if a fat Avenue "officer" had happened on occasion to see him entering at eleven-thirty, he had never yet, to the best of his belief, been noticed as emerging at two.
Snagsby, breaking off with a mistrust that he may have unpolitely asserted a kind of proprietorship in Mr.
The name of that lady no longer appeared on the flaming door-plate, that of Miss Knag being substituted in its stead; but the bonnets and dresses were still dimly visible in the first-floor windows by the decaying light of a summer's evening, and excepting this ostensible alteration in the proprietorship, the establishment wore its old appearance.
Tarzan saw, and in the instant that he saw, Teeka was no longer the little playmate of an hour ago; instead she was a wondrous thing--the most wondrous in the world--and a possession for which Tarzan would fight to the death against Taug or any other who dared question his right of proprietorship.
The case was made interesting to the public, by Mr Mortimer Lighiwood's evidence touching the circumstances under which the deceased, Mr John Harmon, had returned to England; exclusive private proprietorship in which circumstances was set up at dinner- tables for several days, by Veneering, Twemlow, Podsnap, and all the Buffers: who all related them irreconcilably with one another, and contradicted themselves.
The coolies, earth-coloured and mute, crouched reverently some twenty or thirty yards away, and the Babu, the slack of his thin gear snapping like a marking-flag in the chill breeze, stood by with an air of happy proprietorship.
Figure C shows growth rates and gender makeup for nonfarm sole proprietorships. While the total number of sole proprietorship businesses increased by 49.4 percent between 1985 and 2000, the growth for female sole proprietorships (81.5 percent) was more than twice that of male sole proprietorships (38.9 percent).
In terms of income tax rate, an OPC has a flat 30 percent while sole proprietorships are subjected to graduated rates like other individuals.
Muscat: The new law for companies in Royal Decree 18/2019 has changed the status of company ownership for small firms, replacing individual institutions with sole proprietorships, which means a different regulatory system for this new form of companies.
At one point, Zia admitted that he cannot answer the question as to whether in KSA there are different laws for fillings of annual returns by companies, partnership concerns and sole proprietorships, as he is not an expert on KSA annual returns/fillings.
In the US, sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and S corporations (as opposed to traditional C corporations which are taxed at the corporate level and which can have more than 100 shareholders), are pass through entities for federal income tax purposes, meaning these entities are not subject to income tax.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has stated that the number of sole proprietorships and commercial companies that have renewed or cancelled their commercial registrations (CRs) through Invest Easy portal stood at 3,062 since starting submitting applications at the beginning of December.
2437 sole proprietorships renewed 940 CR and cancelled 1497 CRs.
Veenstra, Zuurveen, and Stol present readers with the results of a study investigating the incidence and depth of cybercrime victimization among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and sole proprietorships in The Netherlands between 2013 and 2015.