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Synonyms for propriety

Synonyms for propriety

conformity to recognized standards, as of conduct or appearance

the moral quality of a course of action

socially correct behavior

a courteous act or courteous acts that contribute to smoothness and ease in dealings and social relationships

Synonyms for propriety

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A more concrete depiction of the kinds of situational proprieties connected to particular social roles comes from media theorist Joshua Meyrowitz, who states in plain terms some of the rules governing a waiter's public behavior:
264-265) A key idea suggested by the sorts of situational proprieties Goffman and Meyrowitz describe is that many such rules of group behavior are implicit rather than explicit, covert as opposed to overt.
An excellent summary of what Milgram's findings imply about the power of situational proprieties to mold people's behavior is provided by media scholar Neil Postman:
Thus, not only does Milgram's experiment elucidate the rule of "fitting in," it also demonstrates the fruitfulness of looking beyond situational proprieties, rules, and behavior to situational improprieties, rule-breaking, and misbehavior.
The question then arises as to how productive it might be to investigate situational improprieties and misbehavior directly instead of considering them simply as negative counterparts of situational proprieties and appropriate behavior.
In short, looking at situational improprieties and misbehavior is like using a lens for sharpening our perceptions of behavior that does conform to situational proprieties.
Now, in environments that involve face-to-face interpersonal communication, such as the social contexts considered by Goffman and Milgram, people are generally familiar with situational proprieties and adept at fitting in.
That situational proprieties are in flux in our modern technologically mediated world comes as no surprise to those who expect new media technologies to alter communication environments and social patterns in fundamental ways.
Basically, electronic media have provoked profound transformations in the most fundamental aspects of social affairs related to situational proprieties.