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Synonyms for propound

Synonyms for propound

to state, as an idea, for consideration

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put forward, as of an idea

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It has become an organic and effective global dialogue centre between propounders of major world religions," he said.
The propounders of human rights, on the other hand, argue that human rights abuses are often justified through cultural relativistic arguments, and that, although it is necessary to pay attention to various socioeconomic and cultural circumstances, it is also essential to have universal notions of political, social, and economic rights to protect the basic wellbeing of humans (Afkhami 2001; Ishay 2004, 11 -12).
One thing on which the propounders of First Amendment jurisprudence perhaps agree is the influence of truth theory derived from the writings of John Milton and John Stuart Mill.
The collection of essays is chronological and transnational, including studies on some of the original propounders of art for art's sake--Theophile Gautier, Charles Baudelaire, Joris-Karl Huysmans, Walter Pater, and Oscar Wilde--their early followers, and the resurgence of Aestheticism in the twentieth century in the works of Theodor Adorno, Roland Barthes, Wolfgang Iser, and Susan Sontag.
He quoted the American historian George Bancroft and the English philosopher John Locke, in support of his contention; Locke had pointed out that the "Baptists were the first propounders of absolute liberty, just and true liberty, equal and impartial liberty." (8) Religious liberty, Truett maintained, lay at the core of Baptist beliefs.
Papua New Guineans are more likely to invest in the social relations behind these scams than their propounders will ever know.
Yet, I believe that a theory must also be judged by the passion shown by its propounders, as well as by their balance and their desire to dip into other areas of knowledge to pursue ramifications and connections.
Even the fundamentalist propounders of the Volstead Act recognised the practical impossibility of banishing fermentation altogether and, in a grudging exception to the status quo, the Act permitted Califomia's established grape-growing families (most of whom were of Italian origin) to make 200 gallons (900 litres) of wine annually for home consumption.
Little heed was paid to the serious shortcomings of the legislatures as reflectors of majority will, and hence as value propounders for the society, (45) or to the existence of elected judges in many states.
That kind of instrumentalism would not satisfy the most serious propounders of normative models, who are the focus of this essay.
The propounders of the manufactured crisis of diminished girls now argue that boys need special efforts to undo society's foisting of violence-promoting masculine stereotypes on them.
Note: the propounders of various, sometimes quite divergent, theories are referred to, here (12a, 12d) and in several of the subsequent verses (15a, 16a, 19ab, 22c).