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Synonyms for propound

Synonyms for propound

to state, as an idea, for consideration

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put forward, as of an idea

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Ere while they fierce were coming, and when wee, To entertain them fair with open Front And Brest, (what could we more?) propounded terms Of composition, strait they chang'd thir minds, Flew off, and into strange vagaries fell, As they would dance, yet for a dance they seemd Somwhat extravagant and wilde, perhaps For joy of offerd peace: but I suppose If our proposals once again were heard We should compel them to a quick result.
As he propounded this question, which Kit's mother echoed, somebody in a room near at hand, uttered a great shriek, and a stout lady in a white dress came running to the door, and supported herself upon the bridegroom's arm.
Luzhin, who propounds the theory of the superiority of wives raised from destitution and owing everything to their husband's bounty--who propounds it, too, almost at the first interview.
The delight with which Traddles propounded this plan to me, and the sense he had of its uncommon artfulness, are among the freshest things in my remembrance.
PM's visit all about the by-election THE sound and the fury in the media and from the Welsh farming community with Johnson's desire to propound a no-deal Brexit is totally irrelevant to his objectives.
The Bank seeks to position itself as the Bank with a difference, highlighting on its focus areas that propound its philosophy of Sustainable and Value Based Banking.
Taheri founded his movement in the early 2000s and was allowed to propound his theories without suppression for several years, even appearing on state television and giving public classes before he gained popularity and then drew the ire of the clergy and state.
"I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them.
The Orthodox rabbi declared in no uncertain terms that he was "no friend to slavery in the abstract" and even less "to the practical working of slavery", but the purpose of his sermon was not to expound on his personal feelings and opinions, but "to propound to you the word of G-d, the Bible view of slavery."
AS a nation we have a critical need to ditch at the earliest opportunity the corrupt and rotten political chameleons in favour of those who propound traditional commonsense Judaeo/ Christian ethics and principles.
Christensen, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, along with Anthony, a partner at consulting firm Innosight LLC, and Roth, a consultant with McKinsey & Co., propound an argument that "a structured, rigorous process of looking at an industry or industry segment through the lenses of the theories of innovation provides powerful insights not readily observable to the naked eye." They detail these grounding tenets in the first part of the book, then focus on how to use the theories to assess the future of five distinct industries: aviation, education, semiconductors, healthcare and telecommunications.
Its five sections propound women's self-fashioning, the appropriation of feminine identity, constructs of the feminine psyche, linguistic strategies, and transformations of conventional genres.
In 1826, he began to propound this view in a pamphlet, Views on the Two Seeds, which was soon followed in the same year by A Supplement or Explanation of My Views on the Two Seeds and The Second Dose of Doctrine on the Two Seeds.
Although we managed to change history departments across the country, we failed to propound a new progressive grand narrative of American history.
When something in my history is found That contradicts the views I now propound, Or shows that I am surely hardly who I claim to be, here's what I usually do: