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Synonyms for propound

Synonyms for propound

to state, as an idea, for consideration

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put forward, as of an idea

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propound an argument that "a structured, rigorous process of looking at an industry or industry segment through the lenses of the theories of innovation provides powerful insights not readily observable to the naked eye.
Rehr used his access to NPR's national audience to propound the NBWA case for permanent estate tax repeal, and the excise tax roll-back.
Its five sections propound women's self-fashioning, the appropriation of feminine identity, constructs of the feminine psyche, linguistic strategies, and transformations of conventional genres.
In 1826, he began to propound this view in a pamphlet, Views on the Two Seeds, which was soon followed in the same year by A Supplement or Explanation of My Views on the Two Seeds and The Second Dose of Doctrine on the Two Seeds.
Although we managed to change history departments across the country, we failed to propound a new progressive grand narrative of American history.
When something in my history is found That contradicts the views I now propound, Or shows that I am surely hardly who I claim to be, here's what I usually do:
Few in Iran believe such tales, but the surprise was that state television gave Naghipurfar a platform to propound such ideas.
The agenda, declared for the meeting also propound that the committee would evolve solid and result-oriented recommendations.
The first edition was published in December 1958, seeking to propound the ideology of Pan-Arabism.
Men propound mathematical theorems in beleaguered cities, conduct metaphysical arguments in condemned cells, make jokes on scaffolds.
If life is not sacred, then the eugenicist may propound the model of the factory farm, where offspring must measure up to a predetermined standard.
But "if those who propound these views were to take their propositions seriously enough to live by them, and not merely write books propounding them, the propositions themselves would soon disappear along with the observers.
Consequently, we urge the Treasury Department and IRS to complete their interest netting study without delay and to propound specific recommendations for how interest netting should be effected.
Resonating similar views, another saffron party leader Meenakshi Lekhi asserted that the Congress has nothing new to say; they only propound what they are good at which is 'No Good.
Since it is this administration that is maligned as being behind these extrajudicial killings, due process requires that the President of the Philippines Republic, be given the opportunity to propound his own questions which every nation recognizes,' the letter sent to the UN read.