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the person immediately affected by or concerned with an action

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It is noted that the referent is older than propositus and another term kalpamay is used when the referent is younger than the propositus.
PROBAND, INDEX, OR PROPOSITUS: The first person in a pedigree to be identified clinically as having the disease in question.
The son of propositus 1 had a 20-year history of Crohn's disease with resection of 2 feet of terminal ileum.
The propositus was found to have a cobalamin concentration of 94 pmol/L at the age of 6 months and was treated intermittently with cobalamin for several months.
The following data concern only the propositus. He was hypertensive with mild type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Blood samples from the propositus and his sister were collected in EDTA, and standard hematologic procedures were followed.
Both children of the propositus' sister carried the [M.sub.Heerlen] allele and a nonmutated M allele, as verified by sequence analysis.
Obviously, none of the routine tests [PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis and IEF] detected the cause of the partial AAT deficiency in the propositus, although the phenotypic IEF analysis was in agreement with her diminished pulmonary function.
Because the molecular mass of CD13 polypeptide of the propositus should be larger than that of healthy individuals, it also seems possible that an abnormality in proteolysis of CD13 may exist, cleaving the anchored CD13 polypeptide at a position closer to the N[H.sub.2] terminus to produce a longer, unanchored polypeptide.
The propositus, a 34-year-old woman, visited our hospital because her high serum LAP activity had been noted when she went to a gynecological clinic for treatment of endometriosis.
The propositus is a Caucasian boy (mixed Flemish/ German descent) born from an incestuous father-daughter relation.