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Synonyms for proportion

Synonyms for proportion

relative intensity or amount, as of a quality or attribute

satisfying arrangement marked by even distribution of elements, as in a design

the amount of space occupied by something

Synonyms for proportion

magnitude or extent


Related Words

balance among the parts of something

the relation between things (or parts of things) with respect to their comparative quantity, magnitude, or degree

harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design)

give pleasant proportions to

Related Words

adjust in size relative to other things

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This high-pressure proportioner is specifically designed to dispense higher viscosity filled and abrasive materials, polyurea, polyurethane, elastomers, SRIM, and other RIM systems.
Complete SPF application systems are made up of a proportioner, an array of heated hoses, and a spray gun.
The wall-mounted CIMCOOL Mix Station is a venturi-type proportioner that has the advantage of having two mixing selections, one for charging a machine sump and one for adding makeup.
Three types of systems are used: the venturi proportioner, the positive displacement pump, and the eductor.
Master Chemical's UNIMIX Proportioner then combines fluid concentrate and deionized water before sending this mixture into the system's two 350-gallon clean tanks, where the fresh mixture is combined with the spent fluid before it is reused in the machining process.
The modern rabbitry is likely to have not only sanitary wire-floored cages for each mature animal, automatic watering (probably with a medication proportioner hooked in), and time-controlled, scientifically planned lighting, but even heating and air conditioning!
Gusmer Corporation has introduced its new HV-20/35 Hydraulic Vertical Driven, High Pressure Proportioner metering unit.
The HV-20/35 hydraulic vertical driven high pressure proportioner (metering unit) is designed specifically for polyurethane foam and polyurea coating applications.