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Synonyms for proportionateness

the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount

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Whereas the tale of Rinieri and Elena constitutes a narrative of distributive justice, the following novella in the Decameron emphasizes not the proportionateness of the exchange, but the equality of goods exchanged and the persons involved.
"The finer weapon, the sharper point, the stronger arm, the more extended lunge"--meant to witness birth, not to give death, to trace the proportionateness between the immensity of the surface of the arras and its underside, calling for each other--are to be understood, therefore, as indirect, as the work of penetrative, aversive thinking so often is.
At such times one hears Aristotle or Hippocrates on proportionateness or nonmaleficence cited less frequently than one hears "thus saith the Lord" or "the love of Christ controls us" or "my pastor says," within the large Christian subculture, or analogies to such language in Jewish, Islamic, Native American, Asian, and other subcommunities.