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an airplane with an external propeller that is driven by a turbojet engine

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The investigation into the emergency landing involving the Bombardier DHC8-Q400 in which no one was injured has found that lack of the bolt locking the front landing-gear doors on the propjet obstructed the gear's deployment during landing.
Eastern is also introducing a new high-speed 50-seater Saab 2000 propjet which will debut on its Southampton to Newcastle route.
In the wake of a research propjet (FUTMAN) funded under the previous EU Framework Programme, the European Commission has pinpointed the obstacles to achieving a most sustainable manufacturing industry: these generally revolve around the market and industrial policy.
The flight in, on an elderly Aeroflot propjet known as the Yak-40, was all pitches and yaws, as I had been warned it would be.
Also called propjet. Let's start with the simplest truth in commercial passenger service: most aircraft use jet engines for propulsion.
60990320, 60990323), the National 863 Propjet of China under Grant 2012AA012305, the Research Fund of Sichuan Provincial Key Discipline of Power Electronics and Electric Drive (SZD0503-09-0).
The Aircraft and Railway Accidents Investigation Commission investigators said Bombardier maintenance workers failed to attach a bolt while repairing the front landing-gear doors of the DHC8-Q400 propjet shortly after the plane was manufactured in June 2005.
Incumbent carrier Scot Airways is keeping its plans quiet and continues four times a day flown by the popular Dornier 328, also a propjet. From 29 October Flybe will offer a twice-daily (except Saturday) flights to Dusseldorf and a single return service to Hannover.
Some options, such as the Lancair IV-P Propjet or the turbine-powered Murphy Moose are turboprops retrofit on existing designs.
The DHC8-Q400 Bombardier propjet made a nose-landing at Kochi airport in western Japan on March 13, 2007, when the absence of the bolt prevented the landing gear from coming down properly.
Thrice-weekly ATR-42 propjet service was to have taken wing February 13.