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Synonyms for propitiation

the act of placating and overcoming distrust and animosity

the act of atoning for sin or wrongdoing (especially appeasing a deity)

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For Gelfand (1968: 8), "the African's religion is closely associated with medicine and disease, for an illness is liable to be attributed to an upset ancestral spirit which demands sacrifice as propitiation.
It shows the crises propitiation to which the Indian economy has been reduced," he added.
The tales of Day Seven, therefore, recounted under the sign of Venus in the Valley of the Ladies, represent a world turned upside-down, a carnival in which everything is permitted, an erotic bacchanal, a rite of carnivalesque propitiation to ensure successful regeneration after the deadly plague, from which the young people were fleeing at the start of the work and to which they return.
There are two courses open: either to abandon any attempt to rescue them from the oblivion in which they appear to wish to drown themselves or by propitiation and propaganda to show them the error of their ways.
Many researchers from India have reported that people often find relief in religious propitiation and surrender to the will of God when faced with intractable disease and disability (Dalal, 2000; Harrison et al, 2001; Brown et al, 2003; Pal et al, 2005; Farheen et al, 2008; Gupta, 2011).
The second describes stories of the intertwining of human and tiger spirits and chapter three addresses appeasement and propitiation.
Rather, we are guided by the recurring motif of self-sacrifice and the predominant feeling-tone evident in her narration that highlights her desire to offer propitiation for the harm done to Agaat.
it has to do with propitiation and thanksgiving, which is bound up with rehearsing a perfection in art that you can't have in life.
The hymn in her honour during the ceremony of propitiation in the Aithiopika invokes by proxy her role as patron of the ensuing Games.
The pre-burial touching or stroking of the dead (in contemporary times even more frequently of only the coffin) constitutes one of the last surviving relics of a one-time propitiation practice in which again lamenting played an important role.
Its impact in Bengal society was sufficient to have resulted in recognition of a goddess of cholera, Oladevi (or Oola Beebee), who required propitiation to protect villages from the disease (2).
No less contributing to his revolutionary formative life is his early exposure to the ekpe masquerade cult, which in some parts of Igboland is a masquerade cult recognised and empowered by the folk community with, among other functions, the role of enacting the ala propitiation rites, when the earth goddess is perceived to have been offended or when an ochu (murder) abomination has been committed by anyone or any group.
2003-61 has provided some exceptions, which involve community property, nominal ownership, propitiation of funds, and duress.
We love because God first loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins.
This would further improve individual's propitiation with their role and its requirements.