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Synonyms for propinquity

the property of being close together


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Obduracy generates what the author calls an "aesthetics of propinquity" (p.
According to relationship researchers, for attraction to occur, you need four general attributes: similarity, propinquity, desirable characteristics, and reciprocal liking (Aron, Dutton, Aron, & Iverson, 1989).
But the stress level may change depending on the propinquity of examination dates.20 An Iranian study showed a higher prevalence of IA among the females which goes against the current study findings as here we have observed a similar level of internet addiction across the gender.21 The significant difference in the prevalence of IA and its relationship with depression, anxiety, and stress were observed in the literature.
And yet, it is that immediacy that creates the paradox of propinquity, that quality of the thing nearest you that can attract or repel.'
The propinquity of fog nodes and IoT devices in the invoking factor for various advantages which were not possible during the continual offloading to the cloud at distant place [5].
The officers didn't arrest Myers based on his "mere propinquity" to the driver or to the contraband belonging to the driver.
The Chicago-based polymath laments the emergence of cities where he finds "community without propinquity." Borrowing the term from the field of social psychology, Brown uses propinquity as a synonym for friendship.
Propinquity, a component of Kent and Taylor's (2002) dialogic theory, refers to an organisation's extension of dialogue to issues that affect its stakeholders and vice versa.
To borrow the title of Scott Eyman's smart, generous chronicle, they became 'Hank & Jim,' a pair of guys who asked nothing of each other but propinquity." LOUIS BAYARD
He thought of moving away a little to leave a space between them for fear that this propinquity between them might be offending her.
First propinquity with the IR paradigms represent the structural significance of the relationship in terms of the interconnection among entities.
I reallyfeel that there's a propinquity to a way that love comes into people'slives.
Then they cover quantum metric spaces and the Gromov-Hausdorff propinquity, lectures on the classical moment problem and its noncommutative generalization, metrics and causality on Moyal planes, Pythagoras theorem in noncommutative geometry, and an overview of groupoid crossed products in dynamical systems.
After Identity takes as its central premise the enduring premise and just as enduring problem of cultural authenticity; the propinquity with and refusal of cultural separatism creates "the Mennonite Thing," a refusal of not so much of "the beliefs" but, rather, of the beliefs as solitary definition of Mennonite identity.