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foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention


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Aristotle, on the contrary, is the first philosopher who abandons every mythical and prophetical approach and who reckons the Positive as reachable qua the empirical lato sensu, that "bei welchem das Dass (dass es existirt) das Erste, das Was (was es ist) erst das Zweite und Secundare ist" (24): in a word--and to use Schellingian terminology--the existence is the prius, and the essence is the posterius.
Throughout the book Hairston calls attention to the message of the Old Testament prophetical book of Habakkuk, as well as illustrations from other Old and New Testament writers.
In this vision, hacker ethic may even have a prophetical resonance in today's world, which is totally committed to the logic of profit, to remind us that the "human hearts are yearning for a world where love endures, where gifts are shared" (Benedict XVI, 2008, n.
The prophetical character in each religion has given way to ritualism and dogmas.
Though his evangelical methods were disliked by many, he posed to follow the prophetical methods in demanding undiluted loyalty from his followers.
GLAZIER-McDONALD, Beth, "Edom in the Prophetical Corpus", You Shall Not Abhor an Edomite for He is Your Brother.
Certainly we must laugh when he praises his Zarathustra as a prophetical work for the coming thousand years of human history.
On the whole, Castillion's interests are more literary than either political or prophetical.
Vease en este punto tambien un extracto que se ha anadido a los Chronica Prophetical olamente en el mismo manuscrito que ha transmitido los Nomina Sebigotorum (Madrid, RAH 78, f.
When preparing in 1877 an edition of his Anglican Lectures on the Prophetical Office of the Church, Newman included a Preface which anticipated an approach followed in Lumen gentium, the Second Vatican Council's Dogmatic Constitution on the Church.
The symposium recommended preparing a classified reference that includes the Quranic verses and prophetical Hadiths (sayings) that are connected to the components of the cultural jurisprudence.
Nor did the world end in 1931, as predicted by the Prophetical Society of Dallas.
Neale, A Prophetical Chart," Being a Concise Account of the Rise and Progress of the Powers Symbolized by the Image of the Beast of Daniel, and the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns Contained in the Book of Revelations (London, 1856); Edward Hoare (with a Preface by E.
In the first section of the book Lily Briscoe is far from being the visionary artist whose prophetical "I have had my vision" (Woolf, To the Lighthouse, 209) accomplishes the symbolical trip to the Lighthouse and marks the end of the novel.