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foretelling events as if by supernatural intervention


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Based on the ideas above, we witness the existence of a graphic symbolism--represented by a series of vegetal elements; scions, stalks, shoot, branches, offspring, etc.--, that in a suggestive and plastic manner express the prophetical act of communication of Messiah's idea.
De Silva prophetical told, if the former President Rajapaksa and the Sirisena-led SLFP closed ranks.
Umunna's intentions were, much of his speech has the prophetical feel of Mark Antony's famous Shakespearian tribute to Julius Caesar.
This is not necessarily an exaggerated or unlikely notion, since medieval Europe was happy to reinterpret the chemical processes of alchemy along magical or prophetical lines.
This seemingly paranormal experience led Twain into the pseudoscientific world of "dream precognition." In fact, he was one of the first people to join the Society for Psychical Research in hopes that it could provide him with some answers about his prophetical dream.
Aristotle, on the contrary, is the first philosopher who abandons every mythical and prophetical approach and who reckons the Positive as reachable qua the empirical lato sensu, that "bei welchem das Dass (dass es existirt) das Erste, das Was (was es ist) erst das Zweite und Secundare ist" (24): in a word--and to use Schellingian terminology--the existence is the prius, and the essence is the posterius.
Throughout the book Hairston calls attention to the message of the Old Testament prophetical book of Habakkuk, as well as illustrations from other Old and New Testament writers.
In this vision, hacker ethic may even have a prophetical resonance in today's world, which is totally committed to the logic of profit, to remind us that the "human hearts are yearning for a world where love endures, where gifts are shared" (Benedict XVI, 2008, n.
The prophetical character in each religion has given way to ritualism and dogmas.
A memorable song of praise and triumph celebrates both victories; and the episode related in Judges is the appointed haftarah (prophetical reading) for the one recorded in Exodus.
Though his evangelical methods were disliked by many, he posed to follow the prophetical methods in demanding undiluted loyalty from his followers.