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Synonyms for prophetess

a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

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a woman prophet

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In the Temple, the family also encounters Anna, a devout prophetess.
The prophetess had always lived with the gift of glimpsing into the future, but she now fails, as she comes up against the moment of her own death.
Attendees will receive impartation from a power-packed line up of guest speakers including Pastor Renee Roberts, Pastor Maurnette Odle, Doctor Jackie Greene, Pastor Vedia Jackson, and Prophetess Cynthia Thompson.
It was home to the famous prophetess and the petrifying well still stands as a unique, unspoilt remnant of the Royal Forest of Knaresborough.
Young and old Anglicans from all corners of the Free State descended on Lekhalong la Mantsopa recently to honour Prophetess Anna Mantsopa Makhetha during the Womens Month.
Additionally, the freaks--including their prophetess, Fish-Face, and her sometimes lucid grown-up father, Wormwoodare more valuable than originally realized.
Last week a prophetess I did not even know visited me because she had had dreams about me.
One church member said he had already reported Masocha to the regulator after discovering that the preacher and his wife Judith - known as the Prophetess - took a combined salary of PS100,000 a year.
In the ancient temple at Delphi, a prophetess called Pythia sat on a three-legged stool and inhaled vapours from a great cauldron filled with a fragrant broth of laurel leaves and narcotic herbs.
The success of the movement in Wales is explained partly in terms of more effective and sustained leadership and organization by a triumvirate comprising Daniel Rowland, the celebrated preacher; Howel Harris, the capable lay organizer whose structures survived his own expulsion from the movement following his ill-judged association with the prophetess Mrs.
Maybe I didn't notice it, or the prophetess and her followers prayed it away.
17) Hempstall stated that she had received her calling during a vision of the biblical prophetess Anna.
Recounted in thepassato remoto--the verb tense reserved for storytelling or unearthing the deep past--it seems our precocious storyteller is a prophetess.
Vandana Mataji was a prophetess far ahead of her times and as we all know, true prophetesses are not always easy to live with and accompany.