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This new, robust integration between Prophesy Dispatch TMS and Teletrac Navman is a testament to our dedication to meeting the needs of trucking and fleet companies today and tomorrow, said Joe Couto, chief operating officer at HighJump.
He cried, Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you.
In our day, we have seen this prophesy come true in the amazing and powerful expansion of prophetic voice and the role of women in the churches and in the world.
With great depth and scholarly insight, Witherington covers many spectra of the faith with analysis on sin, God's sovereignty, prophesy, grace and the Holy Spirit.
But as the months go by with no plan and no money, businesses and families will, make permanent decisions to relocate elsewhere, and the loss of faith in a Gulf region recovery with become a self-fulfilling prophesy.
Sold as a slave, she advances her position from menial labor by storytelling and prophesy.
Asked whether he thought that the diesel engine will ever catch on in passenger cars in North America, Pischinger replies: "It's difficult to prophesy.
Through her examination of the trope of prophesy, Haywood, a product of a Baptist and Pentecostal tradition, traces the contribution of nineteenth-century black women preachers on the spiritual life of the community and on the art and imagination of African American women writers.
The second part of the book turns to African understandings and responses to these processes, as they were expressed in a wide array of forms from ritual murder to religious prophesy to vigilantism and armed revolt.
39) Joel had declared that God would pour His Spirit upon all people, and that both "sons and daughters" would prophesy.
His characters revel in language; angels may prophesy, but that talent is nothing next to the human capacity to articulate.
On Wings of Eagles' is a modern-day fulfillment of Biblical prophesy," the voice-over in the infomercial says, while images appear of huddled Russian Jews at the airport, smiling as they presumably wait to leave Russia for Israel.
Indeed his brilliant latest album Prophesy features 230 musicians.
Fuelled by his desire to escape the chaos surrounding the new millennium, Nitin Sawhney decided to embark on a world tour to find the soul of his latest and arguably most accomplished album, Prophesy.