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the legal right of ownership

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As far as intellectual property right concerned, most of the respondent replied that in university most of us are unaware about its legal status in Pakistan, there is no guidance and counseling services are available.
Improving security of rights through titling schemes in fact change existing property right structure and create 'losers' as well (Di Gregorio, 2004).
there are two senses in which property rights are identical with human rights: one, that property can only accrue to humans, so that their rights to property are rights that belong to human beings; and two, that the person's right to his own body, his personal liberty, is a property right in his own person as well as a "human right.
This article summarizes the legal implications of this new regulation, namely the impact on ownership and transfer of intellectual property rights involved in R + D projects.
At that point, the property right was disaggregated from the vessel and could be traded as a separate asset.
Trade secrets, special processes, patents and proprietary information are among an employer's protectable interests, but how noncompete provisions create an employer property right isn't clear.
International outrage over the slaughter led to a worldwide ban on ivory sales beginning in 1989, despite the objections of many economists and scientists, and of several southern African countries that have established systems of property rights over elephants.
Chinese Intelligence Property Right Shall Be Protected As Well
The main topic discussed at the meeting was the state of protection of intellectual property in BiH, especially the autochthonous products and strengthening of the system of combating violations in terms of intellectual property rights.
The Sultanate was ranked third in the Arab world, fourth in the MENA region and 39th in the world in 2017 in intellectual property index by the US Intellectual Property Rights Alliance with a score of 9.
The African Development Bank (AfDB) in partnership with female MPs is pushing for women property rights as a means of hastening development.
Description : USAID s Property Rights Program (PRP) is a four-year initiative that aims to address challenges to claiming property rights in Kosovo by assisting local authorities in developing a plan for the stabilization of the property rights regime.
Ganguli (CEO, VISION-IPR intellectual property rights management, India) and Jabade (mechanical engineering, Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, India) offer a book intended to thoroughly address the interrelated issues involved in intellectual property rights in the field of nanotechnology with the goal of providing an integrated treatment of those issues.
According to the decree, following state agencies are responsible for execution of responsibilities under the agreement on cooperation in the sphere of legal protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights and creation of the inter-state council on legal protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights signed on November 19, 2010 in St.
KARACHI -- President Asif Ali Zardari Tuesday signed the Intellectual Property Rights (IP) Ordinance 2012 on the advice of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani.
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