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member of the stage crew in charge of properties

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26) As noted previously, Gordon Craig saw the British production of The Yellow Jacket as a piece of chinoiserie and "a nice parody of the Chinese way," especially its misuse of the property man, "a sensation to the yokels of London.
A property man with a passion for rugby:Peter Thomas is both chairman of Atlantic Property Developments and the Cardiff Blues rugby team.
London property man Jeremy Lambourne and pro partner Lucas Parsons of Australia topped the team event on 23 under par when rain stopped play for them after seven holes of the Kingsbarns course.
But he, too, realized that a career built on brains rather than looks would probably last longer, and decided to work behind the camera as a property man and cameraman, eventually working for Mack Sennett, Monogram, Republic, Warner Bros.
The Property Man, a character who drifted in and out of the action, and the Chorus, an actor who explained in song the coming scenes and introduced the characters, caught the fancy of American audiences.
ONLINE I MOBILE I TABLET RURAL recruitment is the basis of the latest venture from wellknown Northumberland property man Hugh Fell, who has masterminded an online rural jobs hub.
Starring: Jim Carrey, Carla Gugino, Ophelia Lovibond Workaholic property man learns what's really important when his longlost father sends him a bunch of penguins to look after.
Mainstay property man agement's letter requests that the mat is removed by August 9.
A very wise and wealthy property man once told me that when concluding any deal, "You should always leave cream in it for the next guy.
Many of the great and the good from the Midlands business world have been involved in its running over the years, most notably its chairman, Pertemps supremo Tim Watts, and well-known property man David Bucknall.
As a simple and practical property man, I take the pragmatic view that we simply need to make the current system work for us.
NOWHERE to be seen at the Met-quarter's big opening event was larger than life developer Bill Davies, the man who owned this former Liverpool General Post Office site and left it standing empty for years until rival property man John Milligan managed to buy it off him.
Mr Collyer also consented to costs in favour of Midlands Regen and two third parties - Pertemps boss Tim Watts, the charity's president, and well known property man David Bucknall, its chairman.
The experience of a lifetime has turned into something of a planning crisis for a Tyneside commercial property man.
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