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the boundary line between two pieces of property

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Other than the property line snafu, everything at his other stands is going well, Zabreznik said.
The day before an installation, the contractor prepares the site by locating the point where the service lateral crosses the property line and its path across the property to its entry into the home.
Because the garage is close to the property line, the architect designed a low roof on the neighbor's side in order to minimize the visual impact.
Suarez shall act as the underwriting manager for the property line of business.
The pool deck will need to be cut back several feet in order to lie three inches inside the property line, and the pool deck drains moved east about a foot.
Applicants currently must take four steps before getting approval for a property line adjustment.
5 Times Square is a 38 story tower extending to each property line, with two full basement levels.
It's the initial property line adjustment that has the potential to create the illegal lot - even if it takes decades more before the problem surfaces when, for example, someone who has just bought the parcel wants to build, Wilson said.
This project will reconstruct the existing site and expand the park to its proper property line along the southern portion as a passive park with planting and paths.
From a dog's point of view, borders - long planter beds found either around the edges of a lawn or running the length of a walkway or property line - should be composed of scruffy types of plants where dogs can feel at home without causing damage.
high galvanized screened chain link fence at the east property line and a 10 ft.
Because construction was performed on a tight site, three perimeter walls were built near the property line.
Witnesses told detectives that the two men were engaged in an ongoing argument about the property line dividing their land, the sheriff's office said.
About 10 minutes later, a pole emerged from the bushes on Glazier's side of the property line with something glowing at the end of it and was retracted, with no fire resulting, the prosecutor said.
The property line doesn't mean anything to us,'' Manetta said.
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