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the boundary line between two pieces of property

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Of concern to the abutter is the dock's placement near the property line. He would prefer a 25-foot offset
In the matter at hand, the client was presented with a party wall straddling its property line "to an unspecified height" as noted on the survey.
Other than the property line snafu, everything at his other stands is going well, Zabreznik said.
Some laterals can be installed from the property line to the house in a single pull, while other installations may require three to five individual pulls.
Zoning requirements did permit a detached accessory building, however, to be built two feet from the property line. According to local code, an accessory building is a garage, tool shed, or similar structure.
In line with the PERILS event definition, the PERILS loss number covers the property line of business only.
Under the terms of the village's conditional permit, the park district must install fences along the southern and northern property lines, remove some poor-quality or dead plants along the southern property line and create a landscape buffer along
Project architect Bill Lobb said that the property line on one side of the pool was not defined by steel survey pins.
There will be a two-stall restroom, a cedar fence along the western property line and a chain-link fence along the northern property line.
The turbine cannot be closer to a property line than the height of the tower.
Once the building owner agrees to install bollards, a utility and boundary survey must be performed to determine precisely what is below the ground and where the property line is.
In 1990, after we had our buildings up and things were getting under control, the land owner to our west encroached well beyond what we saw as the property line. Being in a little better shape financially, we hired a local surveyor and he did what we now know was a retracement survey and marked the lines accordingly.
"The gist of the air toxics regulation involves the quality of air that goes beyond the property line of your plant.
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