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the boundary line between two pieces of property

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PE gas pipes NW 160 including a length of approximately 305 m House leads PE 63 up to the property line
Many property line adjustments are the result of "thoughtful, minor, day-to-day adjustments" that make life easier for neighbors, Howe said.
IT specialists at Property Line create the necessary code so that the app displays seamlessly on agents' websites, and all listings update automatically in real time.
This is a real focus of attention for companies, wanting to be able to aggregate their exposure from all lines of business--not just the property line," she said.
The ownership announced a major capital improvement plan for the property that will include a complete upgrade of all the elevators and a new, dramatic lobby and entranceway extending out to the property line on Fifth Avenue.
TIP OF THE WEEK: Consider planting bamboo as an alternative to trees where a tall screen along your property line is desired.
Common examples are fences not built on the property line, garages built into utility easements and outbuildings built over property lines.
Rockaway Boulevard, Queens: Approximately 17 acres of vacant land are available between the north property line of JFK International Airport and the southern line of Rockaway Boulevard.
It was not an easy task to provide our network of MGAs with a comprehensive forms library that included both company-specific forms, as well as ISO forms for our property line of business.
It's not built from property line to property line,'' she said.
Mesquite Star General Manager, Tim Barnett, said, "The new road into the recreation center runs along our property line and gives us more flexibility in developing the remainder of our acreage.
And in 1993, tritium, strontium 90, cesium 137 and plutonium 238 were found in soil samples taken from the camp along the Rocketdyne property line.
Zurich, one of the nation's largest property-casualty insurance companies, announced today that Dan Loris has joined Zurich's Technical Center as Director of its Property Line of Business (LOB).
In 1993, lab officials found elevated levels of tritium, along with strontium 90, cesium 137 and plutonium 238, in soil samples from Brandies Bardin taken near the lab property line.
Bordered on Canal Street on the North, Church Street on the East, and Lispenard Street on the South, the building comprises approximately half of this city block with a depth of 149 feet from Church Street to the property line between Church Street and West Broadway to the West.
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