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Synonyms for property

Synonyms for property

something, as land and assets, legally possessed

usually extensive real estate

Synonyms for property

a basic or essential attribute shared by all members of a class

a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished

any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie

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The combined value of residential properties per pupil was six times higher than the figure for districts with the highest tax rates.
The properties, which are over-assessed are currently protected from large tax hikes by five percent capping rules.
2000-37 provides that the EAT may be the taxpayer's agent, under general principles, in holding legal title to the relinquished or replacement properties, provided the EAT is not a "disqualified person" within the meaning of Treas.
The properties of EPDM are comparatively close to those of Q.
The closure of the acquisition of Trizec represents a significant milestone for Brookfield Properties.
In TAM 200602034, the IRS concluded that the taxpayer had not met the identification requirements for some of the properties (except for IP acquired before the end of the 45-day identification period when no formal identification is required) because the FMV of the identified replacement properties exceeded 200% of the relinquished properties' FMV.
The asset-by-asset analysis is required to verify that the properties exchanged are of like kind.
If sales of comparable easement-encumbered properties are available, the sales comparison approach usually provides the most convincing measure of the "after" value.
This Rev Proc requires that either the replacement property or relinquished property be parked with a qualified intermediary or an affiliate thereof during the exchange period since if the investor has title to both properties at one time there would be no exchange.
For example, Alabama provides a 10-percent assessment ratio for historic properties compared with South Carolina's 60-percent assessment rate for commercial properties.
In addition, the AT may have to depreciate certain parked properties even if it acquired and transferred the properties in the same tax year.
RREEF intends to transition the management of 46 RREEF-managed apartment properties and 13 apartment properties currently managed by third parties to JPI.
Q: Can I identify more than three properties in my identification notice?
Consider using the word "investments" in the name and organizational documents when creating an entity to hold the investment properties.