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owning land or securities as a principal source of revenue

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Gloom, because the propertied classes are deeply entrenched, and many of his party leaders are big landlords, industrialists, businessmen and above all belong to political dynasties and most of them are corrupt and callous.
For others, suffrage was part of campaign for the rights of workers--whether propertied or not, male or female--to have a voice in political decision-making.
Non-whites were largely unschooled and not propertied.
As the right to vote was linked to property, the petition claimed that propertied women had a right to the franchise.
The right to laziness has traditionally been only for the propertied rich, whereas the poor have had to struggle for decent wages and working conditions, unemployment and disability insurance, universal healthcare, and other accoutrements of a dignified life.
Much as the middle class were instrumental in the formation of the SAANC or later ANC, they pushed for systematic development of a distinct African political culture with the creation of a constituency that included workers and propertied strata, and succeeded in etching that organization within the gaze and memory of Africans in South Africa.
Currently state monopoly capitalism and the Crown dictatorship functions to featherbed the rich, propertied people and finance and global capitalism.
Welsh - Carwyn's italics, not mine!), who read this literature, who own this history, who inherit these traditions, who venerate these names, who created and sustained these marvellous religious organisations, the people forming three-fourths of the people of Wales - have they not a right to say to this small propertied class 'We are the Welsh people and not you?' 'This country is ours, not yours, and we claim to have our principles and sentiments and feelings represented in the Houses of Parliament!' How we would all have cheered - in 1868, when these thoughts were first uttered to the newly enfranchised and then largely Welsh-speaking electorate of Merthyr Tydfil.
"Unlike my rivals who come from propertied families and studied in exclusive schools here and abroad, come from the ranks of the poor and rose from poverty through hard work, luck and perseverance," Binay told businessmen in a Makati gathering.
These theories revolve largely around a bargain between the propertied elite and the working classes: Faced with the threat of revolt, the elites expand the franchise and allow the masses to vote.
Worse is that LDA is hell bent on developing huge housing schemes for the already propertied or to encourage lucrative trade in files'.
Other ages with pronounced power inequities have given rise to vivid sadomasochistic fantasies, such as the late-18th-century novels of the populist-mindedMarquis de Sade, whose tales of pain and bondage resonated during a time when the French propertied classes had their boots firmly on the necks of the proletariat.
No wonder the Tories oppose a mansion tax when the party's propertied paymasters splash the cash.
This is deeply rooted in the revival of 18th century liberal thought, mostly associated with John Locke or William Blackstone who at the time advocated for an understanding of the natural and built environment as necessarily propertied. This conception depicts urban and natural landscape as the sum of individually claimed parcels each labeled as 'private' or 'public,' the latter reporting to the authority of the state.