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a content word that can be used to refer to a person, place, thing, quality, or action

the word class that can serve as the subject or object of a verb, the object of a preposition, or in apposition

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In the United States, some names that were once proper nouns and trademarks of companies have fallen into the public domain through popular use.
Similarly, the last question of the category about the opening ceremony of the 2004 games contains no proper nouns or signifiers.
Dear Editor, - When I was at college proper nouns began with capital letters.
But there are also proper nouns like Google and PDF that have become so ingrained in our everyday language that we have no problem, it seems, turning them into verbs: Check out what came up when I Googled the new CEO's name!
Firstly, 'Canadian,' 'French,' and many others show that English adjectives derived from proper nouns can quite well have capital letters--the assertion that they cannot is heard only in pleading for a lower-case initial for 'Arctic.' Secondly, 'Arctic' in these constructions is not an adjective, but an attributive use of the noun itself, which stands before another noun, as is common in English and some other languages, to describe it.
"Because the internet and the web have become so commonplace, they no longer deserve any status they had as proper nouns. It's like capitalizing telephone."
Lastly, trade names are proper nouns that identify business entities.
Dominick Dunne Stun Gun When the Vanity Fair columnist starts namedropping, simply push the button and proper nouns instantly vanish from his vocabulary.
As critic Craig Owens noted, a penchant for proper nouns forms a unifying thread in Baumgarten's materially disparate oeuvre, which encompasses installation, slide projection, photography, sculpture, and text.
And the absence of Caxton, Napster, Universal Product Code, James Dewar, China (to mention just a few proper nouns in the text I tried to look up) from the index is scandalous.
The vocabularies have also been enriched with regional words such as location names and proper nouns.
Proper nouns, evoked by pictures of family, friends, and famous people, caused the men more difficulty than common nouns, tested with pictures of animals, fruits, vegetables, and tools.
Excluding abbreviations, proper nouns and affixes, I answer the question for monograms to tetragrams.
At least one word using all nine letters can be foundAny word found in the Concise Oxford Dictionary (Tenth Edition) is eligible with the following exceptions: proper nouns; plural nouns, pronouns and possessives; third person singular verbs; hyphenated words; contractions and abbreviations; vulgar slang words; variant spellings of the same word (where another variant is also eligible).
(She also points out that the Associated Press Guidebook, and almost all newspapers, depart from that treatment, "omitting the 's' after proper nouns ending in 's': John Williams' pen.")
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