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a noun that denotes a particular thing


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As a result, the word 'trump' appeared 2,296 times in the 2017 stories-as a noun (a trump), a proper noun (Trump the name) and as a verb (trumped, trumping), according to a news report.
Firstly, 'Canadian,' 'French,' and many others show that English adjectives derived from proper nouns can quite well have capital letters--the assertion that they cannot is heard only in pleading for a lower-case initial for 'Arctic.
After all, we have a precedent for using long proper noun phrases: We treat titles in a similar way.
She also points out that the Associated Press Guidebook, and almost all newspapers, depart from that treatment, "omitting the 's' after proper nouns ending in 's': John Williams' pen.
Allowing phrases and proper nouns a much longer seesaw is possible.
I know this is silly, but part of the name of the program is a proper noun I wanted to play with.
My loyal reader countered that the internet is a proper noun
Figure 5: English pseudo-plurals involving proper nouns: Proper Noun A Proper Noun B ADAM (JOHN) ADAMS ANDREW (JULIE) ANDREWS DEB (EUGENE V.
Normally, nouns have general, universal meanings and proper nouns apply specifically to individual things.
In English, capitalization is used for proper nouns, which have a unique identity, referring to "a particular being or thing," according to Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.
Other additions include updates to the GDELT Event and Global Knowledge Graph every 15 minutes; the identification of relevant imagery, videos, and embedded social media posts in various formats; and the compilation of lists of proper nouns mentioned in each article.
lt;/em> is a game of timing as well as knowledge, so it's clear that Watson will have the advantage for answers that have proper nouns which can be computed quickly.
The Mattel people, who own the rights to the tight little game of Scrabble, are said to be coming out with a new version that allows the use of proper nouns.
Proper nouns appearing less than 100 times in Hebrew and 25 times in Aramaic are screened in gray in the biblical text itself so that the reader does not waste time trying to parse them
She notes how the grammars and volumes of observations on the French language elaborate an opposition between common and proper nouns, but, with the possible exception of the Port-Royal logic, never discuss the complex nature of proper nouns or the nature of their meaning.
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