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a noun that denotes a particular thing


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In considering what words mean, it is natural to start with proper names, and we will again take "Napoleon" as our instance.
Passing on from proper names, we come next to general names, such as "man," "cat," "triangle." A word such as "man" means a whole class of such collections of particulars as have proper names.
By Red Flower Bagheera meant fire, only no creature in the jungle will call fire by its proper name. Every beast lives in deadly fear of it, and invents a hundred ways of describing it.
"It seems to me that if what he says is false, the proper name for it is calumny, defamation of character; and such a slanderer deserves the thrashing."
She was evidently displeased; looked up, and seeing herself watched, blushed more deeply than he had ever perceived her, and saying only, "I did not know that proper names were allowed," pushed away the letters with even an angry spirit, and looked resolved to be engaged by no other word that could be offered.
The names have been purposely concealed; my father himself does not know who this president was, and if he knows, he cannot tell you; proper names are not in the dictionary."
Some, especially the tumulus, are proper names. Sometimes even, when men had a great deal of stone, and a vast plain, they wrote a phrase.
Let us call things by their proper names. It makes matters simpler.
Again, the Bornoos have no proper names; individuals are called after their height, thickness, or other accidental quality, and have nicknames merely.
But you know that my memory is merely a mausoleum of proper names. There they lie inanimate, awaiting the magic touch--and not very prompt in arising when called, either.
You have not fallen into a wormhole in the fabric of space and time - or an Einstein-Rosen bridge to give it its proper name. You are still in Scotland and it is the year 2019.
Mahershala, short for his first full name Mahershalalhashbaz (the longest proper name in the Bible), said his wife, Amatus-Sami Karim, never called him by his name.
Officially the court took no position on the proper name for the retailer defendant, which it elected to call simply "the Store Owner."
Super Mario was originally called Jumpman until Nintendo decided to give the character a proper name. The Mario series is often cited as the most successful video games franchise of all time.
The Creativity & Innovation Complex is the proper name of the new building nearing completion at the Arkansas School for Mathematics Sciences & the Arts.
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