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a flammable gas obtained by cracking petroleum


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Due to high vapor pressures, high propane and especially high propene contents are reflected in high enthalpies of vaporization approximated via Clausius-Clayperon equation.
for the blasts, saying around 10 tonnes of propene may have leaked from pipelines operated by the firm in the hours before the first blast.
The fires were believed caused by a leak of propene, a petrochemical material not intended for public use, but the source of the gas was not immediately clear, officials said.
Economic Minister Chang Chia-juch said an initial investigation indicated the leak likely occurred in an underground pipeline that transports propene, a flammable petrochemical used for polyesters.
Chang Jia-juch, the director of the Central Disaster Emergency Operation Center, said the leaking gas had been identified as propene, meaning that the resulting fires could not be extinguished by water.
(3.15 lb C[O.sub.2]-eq.) for both Propene (Ecoinvent Centre 2007) and Propane (M.
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Cymene (methylisopropylbenzene) production is commercially carried out by alkylation of toluene with propene. The alkylation produces a mixture of cymene isomers (i.e.
[pi] hydrogen bonding: interactions of C[F.sub.3]X (X = Cl, Br, I or H) with ethene and propene," Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, vol.
Characterization of manganese and iron oxides as combustion catalysts for propane and propene. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 17, L175-L182.
(1985) Polymerization of propene and butane with a chiral zirconocene and methylalumoxane as cocatalyst.
Houston, TX, July 14, 2012 --( In its recent review, Intratec Solutions, a Houston publisher and chemical process consulting firm, demonstrates the attractiveness of generating propene from methanol in the USA, based on MTP (Methanol to Propylene) process similar to the Lurgi MTP[R] and JGC/Mitsubishi DTP[R] technologies.
The two air-cooled HFO machines, each rated at 180kW, will provide chilled water as a condensing medium for the in-store integral cases running on propene.