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a mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water

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the latest North Wales news at A spokesman said: "At the beginning of the week, we were able to sail Ulysses on one propellor but that slowed her down considerably.
However, the source of the noise appears to be something far less futuristic, with a witness explaining the cause was an historic propellor driven aircraft taking off into strong winds.
The fishermen were also aware that its propellor could injure him and so switched the engine off.
NAOMI MATTHEW: 1.45 Nine Realms, 2.20 Montaser, 2.55 VALIDUS (NAP), 3.30 My Propellor, 4.05 Brazos, 4.40 Gabrial's King, 5.15 Searchlight.
PUERTO PRINCESA CITY -- The Philippine Air Force said Monday two pilots were missing after their twin-engine propellor plane went down at sea during a night flying mission.
The wooden propellor on the 1945-built Mark XIX aircraft shattered as the plane grounded.
It was during this time that the propellor was knocked off our boat.
A BOY of 14 who died after falling into the sea from a boat is believed to have been hit by its propellor.
So there I found myself amongst channels like DMAX, Propellor and BBC Alba which may as well be called BBC Albatross and be aimed at birds for all the viewers it gets.
A woman eight months pregnant was injured by the boat's propellor after being forced overboard.
A LONG-lost aeroplane propellor found in an attic is being linked with a Spitfire which crashed into a Merseyside park.
Furrow Parkade pendant lamp (about $400) from Propellor Design ( or 604/682-6665).
"My brother Andrew picked her out and bought her at the Newmarket sales' she is a half-sister to Propellor, who was a nice little horse for us before we sold him to Hong Kong."
Immersion of a body in water for several hours may cause leaching of blood from injuries, such as propellor cuts, lacerations, and stab wounds.