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a mechanical device that rotates to push against air or water

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It was an old historic propellor driven aircraft which was taking off from Coventry airport.
It was during this time that the propellor was knocked off our boat.
A TEENAGER died yesterday after he fell from a boat and was hit by its propellor.
A BOY of 14 who died after falling into the sea from a boat is believed to have been hit by its propellor.
So there I found myself amongst channels like DMAX, Propellor and BBC Alba which may as well be called BBC Albatross and be aimed at birds for all the viewers it gets.
Wood pushed William, 40, off the boat and he missed the propellor blades by inches.
A woman eight months pregnant was injured by the boat's propellor after being forced overboard.
The Propellor Club is the largest and the only grass roots maritime association in the United States.
A LONG-lost aeroplane propellor found in an attic is being linked with a Spitfire which crashed into a Merseyside park.
Furrow Parkade pendant lamp (about $400) from Propellor Design (propellor.
Executives from Nokia, Telecom Italia, Propellor Group, and First Partner will also present during the session.
Immersion of a body in water for several hours may cause leaching of blood from injuries, such as propellor cuts, lacerations, and stab wounds.
Our principal product in China is the constant velocity jointed drive shaft -fitted in 85 per cent of the vehicles produced worldwide -but we also make propellor shafts.
Tyson purchased a 30XPC Xpress mixer with a 1-inch diameter by 50-inch long shaft and a 4-inch marine propellor.
He came up with what he called the propellor [sic] operation: Start with a polyhedron, then spread apart the faces and introduce quadrilaterals so that each face is surrounded by a ring of these forms.